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2 Herbs and a Supplement For Anxiety and Insomnia

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, insomnia, adrenal fatigue or trauma, these are my top 3 recommendations. They are safe and effective for most people and I explain their benefits as well as a few contraindications. Note: magnesium can cause problems in benzo withdrawal and possibly other types of psychiatric drug withdrawal. Don’t make the […]

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Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: Checklist

Checklist of things to keep in mind: 1. It Gets Better. Most people find that after withdrawal symptoms subside, they feel much better. This is because a toxin is no longer hampering the bodily systems, so everything is easier from breathing, to exercise, to digestion, to thinking clearly, communication and memory. 2. Acute withdrawal is […]

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Latest Videos

A few videos I made recently for your enjoyment and sharing. Send me my free EBook on Freedom From Psych Drugs! * indicates required Email Address * Please send me info on (check all that apply) Coming off psych drugs and alternatives Healing and intuition Pacific Northwest events and gatherings

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Tips For Psychiatric Survivors in Trump Era

In the wake of the new administration, many harsh realities have been hitting us. Our work to guard and protect those vulnerable to emotional/mental meltdowns is even more cut out for us than ever, and we were already under-resourced and overwhelmed. What many have studied along the lines of helping people in crisis and in […]

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Iatrogenic Injury, Ayurvedic Constitution, and Aging

I felt some healing in my body this morning, and it reminded me of how much damage psych drugs did to this same body when I was 20-23 and how a lot of that damage is felt MORE as I get older, not less, because it has affected how I’ve aged. The damage to my […]

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Do It In a Group

The group can be on the phone, online, in person. If you’re coming off psych drugs, hoping to someday, or staying off, do it in a group. This doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your time in a group while you’re withdrawing (ha!). Most of us wouldn’t want to do that. It means […]

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8 Tips For Anxiety

I’ve been feeling anxious today for no apparent reason. Last night I took a long country walk in the cool evening air and felt so grateful to finally be in a home out of the city. I saw two deer and picked many blackberries. Today I felt anxious about just about everything: What to do […]

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The One Spice I Use Everyday

Okay almost everyday. For whatever reason, my body usually doesn’t want turmeric and some other things like supplements and fermented foods on the first day of my period. Listen to yo’ body! It knows! So much. Turmeric has a slightly bitter flavor and I love scooping 1 or 2 generous teaspoons of it on eggs […]

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Dear Psychiatry

by Jyl Anais Ion

I ground down in my Self,
the one I thought
had gone the way of all things
when I paid for your stories,
to help make sense of my pain.

Those days I washed up on your shore,
I was trying to put myself back together
when your therapy rearranged me
and then your medicine destroyed me.

I paid for your philosophy.
I paid you to help me.
I paid you with my life.

You told me you could help,
that the pills would
and then you drained my life out
slowly, over the next sixteen years.
Well, I returned home to myself
unmedicated and
found an answer
I sought with you
all those years you called me sick,
when I was already whole.

The effects of your pills poured cement
over my self-authority, until
I pried off the heavy glass
layered between
access to a full range of emotions,
memory, my identity
without your permission.
Now, I am reclaiming ground.

I sat across from you in that
English racing green leather chair
with brass rivets, and said “No.”
It sounded like silence
when that was all I could afford.

Your patients’ best interests get in the way
of profits, when health is what you reap
instead of sow.
Now, your white coats and fancy medical degrees
are in my wake,
as I hit the ground and
run for my life,
because the only way back to myself is
away from you
and the cage you filled pill bottles with.

Incarceration through diagnostic code:
you MD
you DO
you PsyD.
purveyors of poison for profit.

You who use Jupiter and his symbol
to represent the reward.
You decimated me
with chemical infused trojan horses.
Make no mistake
my womb doesn’t wander.

Research this:

barely four months off your “medicine”
my life force flooded back with a vengeance
that transcends your diagnostic criteria
and control.

I surrendered to my own body’s ability to heal itself,
grounded into
what you called fundamentally flawed,
said was wrong in as many ways
as you could fill your
and history.

“Whatever you do,
don’t stop taking your medication.” you said

after the Prozac
and the Paxil
and the Buspar
after the Klonopin
and the Xanax
and the Brintellix
and the Trazadone
and the Zoloft
and the Protriptyline
and the Lamictal

After the Hydroxyzine
and the Cymbalta
and the Celexa.
all this time
you claimed to do no harm.

I backed up,
told you to back off.
I withdrew and
finally found the answer
on my own without you,
who were no solution.

Your kindness and good intentions
aren’t enough
when you do harm,


© 2015 Jyl Ion. All rights reserved.

Jyl Anais Ion is an artist and writer who works within the intersections of a variety of media. Originally from the Caribbean, she currently resides in the United States where she nurtures orchids and faces the blank page. You may connect with her on Facebook at or on Twitter @jylanaision.

Jyl Anais Ion is an artist and writer who works within the intersections of a variety of media. Originally from the Caribbean, she currently resides in the United States where she nurtures orchids and faces the blank page. Find her online at