My Policies:

Your appointment scheduling process will begin once I receive payment (generally by PayPal, but I can accommodate your other payment needs in most cases), within approximately two business days.

Please communicate with me about scheduling consultations via email; not text or Facebook.

I aim to return work emails about scheduling within one business day excluding weekends and holidays (Please keep in mind I am Jewish and celebrate some Jewish holidays when I will be unable to respond). Sometimes it can take slightly longer.

I do not offer refunds.

48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Without this notice, you will forfeit your appointment and payment. If you ask nicely and have a true emergency I might make one exception per individual, but this is not guaranteed.

I offer consultations by phone and in person, but not by email (email Tarot, numerology or astrology readings are a separate service). Skype sessions are sometimes available. Please do not try to process your feelings or story with me over email.

I am usually booked for about 1-2 weeks, so when we schedule that is approximately how long the wait will be, though this is subject to change depending on my schedule (and yours) at any given time.

If you need me to fax or email anything for you, or make phone calls, for social services, this must be agreed upon ahead of time and requires at least one week’s notice with all details clarified. This process usually requires at least one phone consultation first and requires an additional small fee.

Sexual harassment from clients is not tolerated and will result in session ending immediately with no refund.

I value my clients very highly. I usually only see one client per day and prioritize that appointment above everything else in my day.

Thank you for respecting these boundaries to ensure our relationship feels safe, clear and protected for both of us!

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