How to Improve Memory (at any age)

How to Improve Memory (at any age) I have a near photographic memory. Here are the things that work: 1. Daily writing longhand, 7 longhand pages per day, every single day. 2. Daily meditation-simply sitting quietly for at least 20 minutes per day. 3. Fish oil/cod liver oil. 4. Eating ample healthy fats like butter, Read More

Let’s Talk Withdrawal Podcast

James Moore, of the “Let’s Talk Withdrawal” podcast recently interviewed me on my experiences in the psychiatric system and the approaches I use for healing. In this interview we discuss approaches that have worked both for myself and others as well as: How I was in therapy from a relatively young age Some good experiences Read More

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After psychiatric drugs took my physical and mental capacities away (and nearly my life) at age 21, I have been an advocate, activist, speaker, writer, consultant, teacher, and supporter for those coming off psych drugs and those choosing not to take them despite social pressure. Read more of my story here. Read more of my Read More

Why I Don’t Say “Mental Health”

Adelina R asks: Why don’t you like to say “mental health?” Here’s my answer: Send me my free EBook on Freedom From Psych Drugs! * indicates required Email Address * Please send me info on (check all that apply) Coming off psych drugs and alternatives Healing and intuition Pacific Northwest events and gatherings