When I was on seven psychiatric pharmaceuticals…

When I was on seven psychiatric pharmaceuticals when I was 21 and was bedridden for about a year, I was having a near-death type experience for much of that time.


I died and came back to life because my soul could not live with that violence and attack on itself.


I needed to find another way and another paradigm and to fight the psychic assault of psychiatry from a different angle.


If we only work on the earth plane, psychiatry is more powerful than the people. But on the spiritual or soul plane, psychiatry is trying to control the uncontrollable.


That was when I retrieved some of my soul purposes. My soul traveled and became aware of things I needed to write and share with the public.


Ever since then I have had this purpose to share publicly what I went through with psychiatry and what it meant.


That experience happened on many levels and for different reasons but the core reason being the purpose of liberating humanity from the notions of institutional psychiatry.


The work I do with people who are seeking liberation from psychiatry is not about creating a formulaic approach similar to psychiatry but with natural means, it is about an energetic blueprint for liberating oneself in this life.

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    This article was very interesting and informative to me. Thank you for taking the time to share your special thoughts with us. This is something I will definitely share with my friends.

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