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For Individuals

Intuitive guidance coming off psychiatric drugs (not medical advice)
Intuitive guidance for family members of those coming or staying off psychiatric drugs
Gentle yoga and meditation
Interviewing you and writing your story with you
Reiki, massage, astrology readings, crystal healing, Tarot, intuitive readings
Writing mentorship
Health education
Helping to compose and share your story in speaking and/or writing
Facilitation mentorship
Editing your story

To begin services, schedule your appointment using the schedule below.


Prepayment required for all packages and sessions.  Click on calendar below to select a time in Pacific Standard Time.  Appointments must be scheduled at least one week in advance.


Coaching Packages

  • Price: $600.00
    Includes: 5 sessions
  • Price: $1,800.00
    Includes: two sessions per month plus 3 email readings
  • Price: $2,500.00
    Includes: 20 hour long sessions over the course of a year. Free access to all teleclasses and events. 5 email mini readings.
  • $0.00

Email Readings

  • For email readings, please use the text fields below to ask a question (or say "general reading") and give any background information you'd like. You will receive your email reading within 3 days.
  • $0.00


For groups, schools, mental health settings (alternative or conventional):

Hearing Voices Groups
Gentle yoga and meditation for recovery
Health education
Writing groups
Presentations on Portland Hearing Voices approach
Sharing my story
Speaking about a range of mental health system related topics-especially alternative paths
Dissecting the mental health system, understanding the history and politics
Reiki, massage, Tarot
Newsletter articles
Facilitator trainings
Peer Support training

Specialty workshops:

Writing Workshop

Writing has been one of the primary tools that has allowed me to live without any medications or substance addictions and have my own business.  Come learn my secrets!

After this class you will know how to develop a regular writing practice, overcome your fears of sharing your writing, and discover easy options for publishing.  It is specifically gears to those who have been told they need psychiatric drugs.  I’ll cover how to overcome fears of writing, and how writing has helped many people I’ve worked with over the years to break free of psychiatric drugs.

Sexuality and Psych Drugs

(when I taught this in Portland it was actually a very deep and profound discussion about creative power, sexuality and how they relate to being diagnosed)

Many psychiatric drugs cause reduced sexual functioning as a “side effect.” In this workshop we will discuss the cost/benefit of this loss of sexuality as well as other types of potency that go along with sexuality. Many people on psychiatric drugs since childhood are unable to have orgasms and don’t realize the drugs are the cause. We will discuss alternatives to psychiatric drugs, protecting children from being drugged, considerations for pregnant women, options for safely coming off, and weighing the risks versus potential benefits to make an informed decision.

Coming Off Psych Drugs

Are you ready to come off psychiatric drugs?
Are you looking for support in this?
Or does someone dear to you fit this description?
Meet others who are committed to this for ongoing support buddies. Educational community building and networking opportunity for those coming off psychiatric drugs or preparing to.

Self care and when self care isn’t working, sensitivity, building support network, how to work with doctors, employers, friends and family members, taking it slowly.

All classes:
Appropriate for those coming off psych drugs, planning/hoping to come off soon or someday and those opting to not go on in the first place. There is no pressure and everyone goes at their own pace.

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