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After psychiatric drugs took my physical and mental capacities away (and nearly my life) at age 21, I have been an advocate, activist, speaker, writer, consultant, teacher, and supporter for those coming off psych drugs and those choosing not to take them despite social pressure. Read more of my story here. Read more of my writings here .

For the past decade I have been writing a very thorough book about how we can break free of psychiatric drugs after having our whole lives controlled by them.

This Free e-book (a precursor to my longer book which will be out soon) is written from the perspective of working with thousands of others with the Freedom Center, Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community, Alternative to Meds Center, Portland Hearing Voices, Mental Health Association of Portland, Mental Health Association of San Francisco’s Warm Line and my own coaching, teaching and blogging practices.

Using experiences gleaned from teaching yoga, meditation, art and writing to people coming off of psychiatric drugs, leading countless support groups and talking to thousands of individuals one on one as well as receiving thousands of emails and blog comments, this book, will put together everything I’ve learned from my own and others experiences.

I have been writing about this topic for over 15 years and have a ton of wisdom to share that comes oozing out of me at parties, in conversations with strangers, in facebook posts and tweets, in blogs and audio blogs.

My dream has been for the past decade-plus to help every single person who wants to come off psychiatric pharmaceuticals to do so. Despite the apparent problem of lack of resources, the true problem is low public awareness about this issue and lack of drive to reallocate funds to a variety of health and community supporting options.

As someone who survived diagnoses of psychosis, OCD, depression and anxiety disorder and was on 7 pharmaceuticals at the age of 21, but went on to be a national leader, teacher and popular blogger who receives gratitude email for my work daily, my aim is to inspire as many people as possible to allocate resources for those in need of withdrawal support.

The one thing all psychiatric survivors I’ve ever met or worked with have in common is that they were inspired by the stories of others. The survival and recovery stories of others was what gave them hope, and allowed them to liberate themselves from psychiatric mythology.

You will also help connect people with a fountain of practical advice, resources, peer support networks and many more opportunities.