Would You Like to Be A Guest Blogger?

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers:

I’m looking for guest bloggers who would like to write (anonymously or not) about their experience coming off (or trying to get off) a particular psych drug. The blog would focus on that drug only (though you can write more than one about different drugs).

You can write about another topic as well. Run it by me first please.

Register your account in the upper right corner of this site. If you want to be anonymous, use a pseudonym.

Once you register, email me and let me know you’d like to blog, so I can give you author status.

Any post about coming off a specific drug would be great (we already have Risperdal and Lamictal, so preferably another drug, or you can add your blog to an existing one).

Add an image and a link or 2 (or more), and write as much as you can.

You don’t have to be off the drug, but write things that might help others who are getting off or hoping to.

Your own experience, what worked, what didn’t.

Questions you might answer in your blog:

Which drug did you get off of?
What were the challenges?
What helped the most?
What advice would you give others who are struggling to withdraw?
Did you feel better after you got off?
How so?


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Course Members:

Course members are required to blog to complete the Med Free Solutions Certificate Course. Please tag your blogs as directed and share your link with the community in the course forum. You may use video(s), and/or images as your blogs, or in addition to written work.

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