When I’m working with Chaya, I experience the intensity of her commitment of my being “seen, and heard” on deep emotional and soulful levels, providing a safe and nourishing space for me to allow myself to take some deep, invigorating, soulful breaths of Soular Winds surfacing from my depths, which I scarcely dreamed existed in me, let alone having any clue how to access on my own.

As I open up with her fiercely gentle encouragement, I feel enlivened to take new risks, and a novel willingness to leap fearlessly into my greatness, which she powerfully names my gifts with me in word pictures I can visualize and follow her lead, and indeed, see for myself, that which I did not yet see or know how to recognize, let alone articulate, for myself.

Chaya’s spotlight of attention and radiantly supportive intention is palpably felt, as I take tiny leaps of faith into deeper parts of me, which she encouragingly  assists until I can acclimate to this grander experience of myself, artfully guiding my building layers of strength from within myself, one courageous stone at a time, within the brilliant soulful artisanry Chaya’s skillful heart science  brings to the fore of my emerging, expanding, larger identity I practice stepping into, as I learn to ever more jubilantly dance to the rhythm of my unique song I am being called to sing, in the orchestra of Life.

I feel and experience her as a beloved, amazing and powerful Healing Agent, facilitating and serving as a Midwife  into realms of Deep Space Within, Our Truest identity in God(dess).

— Tom Clute MSW, Peer Support and Life Transition Specialist Vancouver, WA

I am in support of author Chaya Grossberg’s book “Freedom from Psychiatric Drugs” as a starting point to create clinical workshops that offer wellness alternatives to psychiatric medications. FFPD is an incremental formatted manual of helpful information and concepts that can be used as a presentation to psychiatric survivors. Ms. Grossberg’s book covers in depth topics such as informed consent, withdrawal and approaches to gently taper off of specific drugs and how our system of care is structured. Her ideas champion many aspects of existing emotional support as well as promoting self – care and self sufficiency through knowing personal needs. Chaya does not claim to be a medical professional although her experiences with psychiatric treatment are unique because she decided to frame her experiences, education and empathy for others in a useful manual.

–Charlie Judd, River Valley Services, Connecticut


Chaya Grossberg is an amazing woman, with lived experience, and a skilled compassionate consultant for withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.  She shares her own personal journey and some of her successes in coaching and consulting people who have sought support to withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. Chaya has a very rich background with the Freedom Center in Massachussetes and is featured in Daniel Mackler’s  film, Coming Off Psych Drugs. She has relocated to the Northwest and we are so fortunate to have her as an inspiration and to draw on her expertise.



— Cindi Fisher, Vancouver WA, MOMS movement

Chaya Love, your article has me all teary eyed.  You are such an inspiration to me! When we first met, I sought out your expertise, as a peer mentor and as someone who had successfully tapered off all psych drugs. What transpired during our sessions was profoundly healing for me. You met me where I was, never above me, and showed me a true picture of the gifts I had within, to be shared with the world. I felt so understood and seen through your keen insight. You awakened in me, treasures and as you spoke them aloud, I knew that my voice was important. You told me that you saw me speaking in front of large crowds and that made me very nervous yet excited all at once. The thing is, being in your presence, I recognized myself beyond all roles and labels and was able to take my place in the orchestra of life, center stage. Thank you for all that you share and be!

— Ayin Cushnir, Portland, OR


When my son was in a mental hospital a few years ago, I was desperately trying to figure out how to help him. I suspected the treatment he was receiving was not being effective, but the doctor’s seemed so sure of themselves and their diagnosis that I was confused.

I was doing a lot of research and, at some point, I came across  Chaya’s articles on the Mad in America website, which resonated with me. I contacted her and asked if she did private consulting, which she did. After describing my son’s situation, I discovered that Chaya was very knowledgeable about the mental health system and had lots of great ideas about how to help my son.

She called him in the hospital and provided a lot of support to both of us. Ultimately, she helped my son get situated in the real world after he left the hospital and helped create a support system for him while he adjusted to being out of the hospital.

Most importantly, she explained why the psych meds were harmful and helped me see why it was a good idea for me to support my son emotionally in his decision not to take them.

Now, 5 years later, I read about the many horrible side effects of the drugs and I thank God that my son never got “hooked” on them. He is currently completely drug-free and living a productive, happy life. Without Chaya’s well-informed advice, our family would be in a much different place right now.



We are all doing well. I’m very happy with my son’s situation. I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but a conversation I had with you was what really made me finally realize the uselessness/harmfulness of psych drugs, I’m so glad my son never went along with them. Also, every hospital he was ever in totally misdiagnosed him.

The thing that put the nail in the coffin of thinking psych drugs could possibly be helpful was when I asked you if you thought the small amount of drugs he was getting at the hospital was okay and you said that NO amount of drugs was not harmful.

It then dawned on me that they were really completely unhelpful and always harmful and, at that moment, I decided I was completely against them. Before that, I had been wavering, thinking maybe the doctors in the hospital might somehow know what they were doing in a way that wasn’t clear to me, and I finally concluded they were completely wrong. — Anonymous


Please purchase the following book as it is a much needed companion for those discontinuing prescribed psychoactive substances. Please forward this email to others who might be interested, be they users, allies, or conduits.
It is written by Chaya Grossberg, whose current business is as a consulting non-medical advisor to those considering discontinuation ad well as holding workshops around the country.
I know her and recommend both her services and the book she has written. She gives informational and writing workshops. 
There is nothing in print of this sort. There is an absence of reliable assistance for the process of quitting.
Chaya Grossberg’s new book, after the reading.
It is sold locally in Five Colleges towns’ independent bookshops. Purchase it, says me!!! I have seen so much suffering regarding this issue. There is little concrete information at all much less in one location. It’s mostly word-of-mouth, with a few extra ordinary people and marginal groups.
The book is already a classic within the movement, the loosely allied groups in the U.S and Europe not in the thrall of the medicalization of mental health. It is titled Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs. If you know anyone who is questioning what has been prescribed to them or a friend, ally, family member, please consider spending the $24 dollars-ish for the book.I am in awe. Chaya has worked in the mental field as everything but as a prescriber: I have personally known her on the West and East coasts as a Counselor, Art Therapist, Advocate, Writer,  Educator, Businesswoman- in a new arena; as a professional non-medically-trained adviser for those looking to discontinue a psychiatric medication(s). I only know of a handful with the chops.She is enthusiastic, kind, informed, and realistic. From my perch, she is a change agent, a dear one, a friend. Please support her endeavors. Interesting workshops on creativity and more book readings on her website chayagrossberg.com”
–Katharine Sheilds



That is a great number for the Peer Forum turn out! Highest ever. You did a great job communicating and connecting with the attendees! Your life experience, knowledge, wisdom, empathy and compassion shined through! I look forward to our continued working together!

–Corrine Taylor at Advocacy Unlimited


“Your wisdom and knowledge is incredible. I have so much respect for what you do. So many people need your work. Don’t let anything hold you back. Your work is needed in this world. These are not just encouraging words. It’s just the truth.”

Thank you for speaking with me and being an intuitive.  You listened really well and had great insights whenever my talking would take a pit stop.  You would chime in with very balanced, calm, kind and measured insights, I say measured because I was never overwhelmed, taken aback or offended.  I was inspired and your kindness made the movement offered in the realm of madinamerica personable and available seeming for the first time. And sincerely, thank you for your service to me.
— Anonymous

It was so awesome to have you in our group yesterday!!! I so appreciate you making it work to come spend some time with us. I think you were able to really create a space for the participants to talk openly about their experiences with medication in a way that hadn’t happened before in the group.  I learned a lot myself and I’m grateful for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experiences.
— Luke W., High School Guidance Counselor, Holyoke, MA

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for all of your hard work on Monday evening at Advocacy Unlimited.  Everyone was supportive and understanding and that is what made the evening very relaxing and made it easier for me to open up and share some parts of my journey.  Chaya, you have a very genuine nature about you and I feel that is what made the workshop work.

— Linda Lentini, Director Of Grants and Programs, Advocacy Unlimited, Wethersfield, CT

Hi Chaya, I’ve been so busy working full time job yes I still am med free, Thanks to you!
— Wayne Woody Devine, Boston, MA

 “Chaya’s reading was unbelievably accurate. She was able to identity several specific life events for me that unfolded in the order and manner she predicted. The details of the reading were very helpful during a time of major transition. As I saw things coming to fruition as she described them it gave me a sense of hope and faith that I was on the right track. She uses wonderful blend of wisdom and humor to convey her messages.
— Katherine, Holyoke, MA

This made me cry. Thank you so much. So helpful really.  Your reading was so well-timed, it helped to propel me toward the right things in my heart. It not only resonated with me but it also brought to light things that I was hiding from myself.

I had a dream last night that finalized some intentions I’ve had and already I feel like I’m moving toward a higher, lighter space. Really amazing! : )
— Lylah Katz, Set Stylist, Corvallis OR

I truly appreciate the chance to learn from you, Chaya. I deeply resonate with your high intuition, profound empathy, compassion and confidence in those you serve, including me, offering your invaluable personal and professional hard-won breakthrough experiences you committed to pursuing for your own well-being and personal/professional fulfillment, and offering your powerful leadership to guide people like myself further and deeper into the experiences of freedom, fulfillment and truly meaningful, richly rewarding lives of joy.
— Tom Clute, Portland, OR

[More from Tom right after a coaching sesssion]
Thank you, Chaya, so very, very much. I received tremendous, exquisite and profoundly honoring and validating, soul nurturing support, in addition to practical and excellent self care suggestions for next steps to consider, that you offered, sharing your own positive experiences of them supporting your own well-being.

I am truly refreshed and invigorated, as well as challenged in a nurturing way, to keep stretching and growing towards my dreams and soul purpose. I was beyond delighted with the support I experienced with you tonight. I look forward to more.

Feel free to share this appreciation acknowledgement however of value to you and/or others, Chaya.
— Tom Clute, Portland, OR

Dear Chaya,

I just want to say congratulations on a wonderful and influential talk last night. Great job.

I was able to make most of it, just missed a few minutes in the beginning. You were fantastic. You held such a safe but informative space for those questioning the system and those who already knew the flaws and have come out on the other side.

So thrilled to know you at this point in my life and so grateful you were part of my team in my own journey. You are living your purpose in this life, and I thank you for your commitment to it.

I believe your influence was most important in my taking on my taper because you gave me the ultimate hope. And I am doing terrific by the way. Never had any withdrawal symptoms but I’m still going. Almost done with the taper. Been going over 2 years.

I’d love to make an appointment with you for a touch base session. Probably end of spring because I am working every day until then. Looking forward!

By the way, your episode rates among the top 5 in highest downloads for my podcast. (I have over 70 episodes.) The movement is gaining momentum. And you paved the way.

What struck me most was how timid some of the audience seemed and yet so brave. I remember feeling that way. It takes so much to come out of the shadows to speak about such things, especially if it’s quite new or family supports the doctors. Anyway you’re a beacon and a pillar of strength. You helped all of them stand tall. Thank you🙏

Jennifer Gaita Siciliano (@jsiciliano) / Twitter

–Jen Siciliano


As you may know, the atmosphere of a state psych facility is beyond horrific. My son, John was locked up there for 8+ years, tortured, and force drugged. It was sometimes a challenge for him to find anyone, whether staff, or patient, to treat him with any humanity. Humor was even harder to come by. He finally became free of psychiatry in January, 2018 and remains so. But during that dark period of his lockup I read to him from your “Common Disorders Psychiatrists May Have”, which I believe was an online book you wrote. There was some side-splitting humor in there, and John thoroughly appreciated my reading of it to him.

–Katherine Hine


Oh my gosh, THANK YOU Chaya! I got chills and tears in my eyes reading this — in a good way! Wow. I still haven’t listened to the song, but I will soon. Thank you so much — this is extraordinary!
Thank you again, so much!!!!! You are wonderful! I loved what you said, too, about my life saving the best for last — because sometimes I feel like all my happiness and actual LIVING has already happened, and things will always be gray and sad. I’m so glad you said that. It gives me a lot of hope. THANK YOU AGAIN.
— J.W., writer, OR

I have had several intuitive readings by Chaya. The information she receives is clear, direct, and useful. I always apply her intuitions into my daily life. After sessions, I feel more alive yet centered. Chaya is a gifted healer and does it so naturally!
— Jessie Gagne, school teacher, energy healer, mom, Northampton, MA

Chaya has the gift of intuition! I’ve had the great opportunity to get her perspective on certain tough issues that were really racking my brain. The advice that she gives leaves one with the clear message of hope and choice, even in the most despairing situations. Her point of view on issues is really like the best gift ever. And she’s super nice!

— Robyn Kralique, illustrator, San Francisco, CA

Chaya’s reads deep into our innermost thoughts and feelings, bringing to surface the parts of us we neglect to acknowledge or share with others, and bringing them to light. She casts a meaningful and poetic perspective on events in our lives that we cannot see for ourselves. She accurately predicts events to occur, and offers guidance on specific concerns.
— Amelia Ngai, product designer, Stanford University, Santa Rosa, CA

Chaya is a creative and intuitive healer who holds a grounded and supportive presence for transformation.  She is an exceptional source for healing your relationship with psychiatric drugs, and holds a wealth of information.  Her expertise, gentle guidance, and unconditional support will help you through rough times so you can brighten into your own true self. Chaya is such a precious soul and inspiring person. I trust her fully with her intuition, compassionate heart, and magical healing powers. Chaya is also a skilled herbalist and healer, and if you haven’t tried her teas, herbs, and brews, you should, the energy is magical!

— Amanda Miller, PhD, Esthetician, Oakland, CA aphroditesapprentice.com

Chaya gave me a very helpful intuitive reading that gave me the confidence to proceed with some important decisions in my life.
— Regina G., Oakland, CA

Chaya Grossberg is an extremely gifted intuitive, very sensitive with abilities to read your energy. Her presence as well is clear as you’ll remember parts of yourself just by being around her.
— Melanie Erceg.  Therapy Headquarters.  Palo Alto, CA

You’re a gift to so many.  NARPA was moons ago, but it seems like yesterday we made a connection. I never forget your composure when you spoke to all those guests in Culver City; how sure you are of yourself and keeping the mission we both believe in wholeheartedly.  Your inspiration carried me through a few circumstances.  I really mean it, you’re a blessing to me, and so many others for believing in your mission, and getting others on the bandwagon.
— Wayne Devine, Boston, MA

Chaya’s simple words and practical suggestions have inspired me to make important changes in my life, beginning with how I see myself and what I’m capable of.

— Denise Goldberg, Special Needs Teacher, Portland, OR

Thank you for your advocacy for a better world in treatments of those going through human emotional challenges. There is so much hope with all of you who are speaking up for changes in the system! I am most grateful to all of you (being a 21 years psyched out on doctor prescriptions that took me almost to no man’s land)! I am alive and doing quite well now after 10 years of recovery!
— Tracey Anne Miller, PA

I want to let you know that you kinda inadvertently changed my life (or at least my thinking). I was reading your bio when you were sharing all that info about how you got a billion hits on your site, and something you wrote burned into my psyche: it was about how you used to eat toxic foods because you were also toxic, and like attracts like. Then I started thinking about my own food decisions- and while I’ve heard things similar to this, I never saw it quite as simple. For the past week, I’ve been consciously looking at my food decisions and making different food choices. I’m asking myself when I want something, “Is this going to be toxic to my body? Is this the choice a toxic person would make?” And if I get a ‘yes’, then I think about a more non-toxic, but just as delicious, food alternative. Food has been such a focal point my entire life, and I just wanted to express my gratitude towards your comment.
— Anonymous, San Rafael, CA


Good morning!!

I want to take this moment to thank you again. I stayed on the phone for a very long time and had an excellent chat with S and B (I believe that is his name….He has an Hawaii phone number).

I really enjoyed hearing both Laura’s story and your story….And, I don’t know if you remember, but YOU and I met at B’s conference here in Toronto….I believe it was an INTAR Recovery Conference (2008) or something like that. B is my husband, partner, best friend, supporter, etc. We have been together for almost 30 years and he has seen me go through all kinds of different mental states, etc. I do know that he will support me if I try to go off of my meds (which, for the record, I am lower doses than ever before).

Are we going to do another phone session like the last one? I think it would be great to do these on a regular basis as, for me, the phone is very effective as a way to communicate. I don’t feel as introverted when I am not in a “face to face” situation….Sometimes that can really overwhelm me.

Chaya, please keep me posted as to future things you plan, etc.

In the meantime, I am sending you warm regards from FREEZING Toronto (it’s about -15 degrees C out there today).
Thanks again,
— A.R. Toronto, Ontario

The class was great! Other Afiya team members said that they would like to be informed about future classes. S stayed on the line for another hour with folks and said she got a ton of ideas and resources. People exchanged numbers and committed to supporting each other! What a success!
— K.M. Holyoke, MA

Thank YOU so much Chaya! That was definitely one of the most raw & beautiful circles that I have facilitated for the Happy Hysteria series.

— Samantha Zipporah, Postpartum doula, Portland, OR

I hope you’ll do it again one day, and I heart(womb)ily recommend it!
— Grace F. Social Worker, Portland, OR

Greetings Chaya,

It was wonderful attending your screening and talk at the Clinton Street Theater this evening.  I learned a great deal about the mental health system, our perceptions of it, and courtesy of yourself and others–what it can be like to have to navigate it en route to a more holistic or personal solution.  It’s rare to have the opportunity to talk about important issues like this–particularly in this culture of disconnection–so I am grateful for the forum you created with us.

I’m listening to your Madness Radio interview right now.  Your descriptions of Prozac there and in your blog closely align with my own observations.  Nasty stuff if you’re on it for very long.  Astute and often prescient observations!  I’m amazed that such a wealth of information and helpful people like yourself are out there on the web.

I’m privileged to learn about your spiritual journey.  It’s my belief that these experiences are more often than not catalyzed by spiritual growth and development, and it’s only in our secular society that this becomes the “problem” that it has.  Your openness is a refreshing blow to what has been of late a well-nourished cynicism.

It’s good to see the Heartscience concern taking off.  I can tell that you are touching a lot of lives for the better.  You definitely have an energy that simply must connect with others–regardless of the numerous obstacles that you have encountered.  Thanks for your persistence!
— T.M.  Portland, OR

I attended your talk at HCC on Wednesday and wanted to follow up. I was feeling a little shy and didn’t say much, but I wanted you to know how much I learned from your way of looking at psych drugs and mental health in general. I am a new therapist working in the Teen Clinic at Holyoke High School. I’ve been so disillusioned with the field and so excited to connect with the RLC and all of the awesome people trying to help people heal in a more holistic, loving way.
— Luke W., therapist, Holyoke, MA

Your services have given me the courage to make choices that have already made me a happier and freer person.  What we have talked about has created a consciousness shift in me.  I am braver.
— Anonymous, NJ

[Letter from a client to his friend]
Going off meds is always an individual choice. It is highly controversial. I have a coach who teaches, and supports those wanting to be free from pharmaceuticals, psychotropics, etc. Her name is Chaya Grossberg. She writes extraordinary posts on her blog.  Her practice is called Heartscience, it will pop up when you google Heartscience and her name. Chaya is an extraordinary intuitive, healer, and deeply empathic.  She has a powerful story too.  I hired Chaya for a full year of coaching for myself, just a couple weeks ago.

I do hope to eventually transition to fully holistic options, and I don’t yet know how that will unfold, and I don’t need to know now.

For me, Chaya’s profound empathy, luminous intuition, street smarts and much, much more, nourish my spirit, so I can heal at much deeper levels over time.

I’m grateful.

I spent the majority of my adult life hoping against hope that one day, my life would move out of sorrow and suffering, into a life that truly matters and my heart can finally sing the song I was meant to sing.
I wish the same healing for you.

I profoundly encourage anyone in suffering to never try to heal on our own. We must create networks of caring and support (professional, peer, community, family, friends , etc) to be there for  each other to weather the storms of our lives , as well as to share and celebrate successes and good times.

Even one professional helper can be a bridge builder and beacon of hope.

For many, myself included at times, it’s one breath at a time.

A sample email reading with a woman who chooses to go by “Sarah” here.  No other words have been changed from the original.

  • Sarah: For reading I’d like to know about family (creating a family) and about housing. If too much you could just do family!Thank you very much!!:)

  • Chaya Grossberg: Looks like there’s a quickening in both realms. Seems you are on the way to bringing a child into your world for sure…ooh I’m getting the chills on that one. Looks like a boy. When you have to move very fast, accept it and go with it, don’t hold back or worry about details-there will be time to look back later, for now it is all forward motion. By now, I mean this week-ish, the immediate now. Things with your boy are looking good, as though you are already pregnant with him, at least in thought, perhaps in reality or activity? The picture looks all harmonious except that things are moving faster than you like them and there’s nothing you can do to slow things down, which is hard for you to accept. The fast pace might trigger a feeling of being out of control or reckless within you. It’s triggering old stuff, old situations where you didn’t feel safe. If you can remember that now isn’t then, you will be able to see that things are going well and the speed can even be fun, if you allow it without resisting.

  • Sarah: I took two tests and found out I am pregnant this morning! Thank you! and we know we have to move before June but maybe it will be soon! And not sure where! Thank you that is all really helpful and I am freaking out about details but this helps!!:)

  • Chaya Grossberg: oooh…many more chills. Congratulations! Ah, one of the perks to being psychic is being the first to know things sometimes. Much love.

  • Sarah:  You really have a gift!! It is still mostly a secret until more time has passed but glad you know! Thanks:)

I’m reviewing your reading from April 8, if 2014 in Intimacy.

“…Since of course, many people are thirsty for compassionate others in their life.”

Please know your wonderful year of coaching me continues to bear delicious, even ecstatic fruitful Intimacy and authentic connection, and I am even now in an intimate friendship with an amazing woman while I share a most beautiful and spiritually nourishing joy for both of us.

Ou tender care and playful anchoring of deepening respect, reverence, and healthy boundaries continue to nurture our lives as Sovereign beings.

We are freely covenanting together in ecstatic and authentic seeing, appreciating and honoring our wholeness and simultaneously gently holding, attending to vulnerabilities shared in exquisite, unsurpassed beauty and sacred embrace.

In gratitude,


Former yearlong coaching recipient of Chaya Grossberg 2014-2015.”

Hi Chaya!

Thanks so much for your wonderful works. I say that as an artist has works, and you are an artist.

I found your site because I finally got fed up with going on the medical roller coaster ride. About a week ago my shrink put me on a medication that I was supposed to stop drinking alcohol a few days beforehand. He never told me to stop and so I took the medications and it felt as if I drank 10 cups of coffee at same time I want to go to sleep at that point I had lost all trust in him.

My journey on medications started some 30 years ago while I was watching the news and it went something like this: Do you forget your keys do you forget your hairbrush do you forgot to make the kids lunch are you forgetting a lot of things? And so the next thing you know I had ADD or ADHD. From that point on it has been one new medication after another. In the last year I ended up on the couch with major depression and in the last six months it has gotten really bad as I’ve had suicidal thoughts sometimes on a daily basis that could span a couple weeks.

What drew me to your site and engaged me was that as I found an article on getting off of lamotrigine. Your article was awesome but was more impressive was your responses to the follow-up posts. You didn’t miss a beat and remained calm as I was screaming at someone trying to test you.

I finally feel as though I may have a path that I believe in and someone who believes in me. And yes I’m crying. I know you believe in me and now that I have a plan I’m starting to believe in me to.

Thanks so much for what you are doing I lost myself as a metaphysical teacher as my words got muffled in my brain and I actually had to stop writing and working with people.

Helping people heal is my passion and my love.

I am here if I can be of any help to you in any way!

I will keep you posted on my progress.

— David Cornblatt, Germantown, MD


I came across your recent video on how to stay calm and blissful without psych meds. It came through a group I am in, though now I can’t remember what group it was, as I clicked on the video to see who it originally came from and ended up on your page instead. I just finished watching it, and I had to reach out to say thank you! It was such a joy to watch your video and to feel your happy, calm and content energy. It is empowering to see one more person saying “I don’t need psych meds to be okay.” It is an odd struggle sometimes to be off of psych meds, and only those who have been on them and then off of them can truly understand. There is such a liberation in getting off of them, and I wouldn’t even say it was like getting back to yourself. It is more like getting to the self that you didn’t know you had because you are much stronger than the self before psych meds and also much clearer and brighter than the you on psych meds. Thank you for the encouragement. I felt blissed out just watching your video and I wanted to write you a quick email to encourage you back! You shared the bliss and it made my day brighter. Have an awesome day.

“As a service-connected Veteran with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I felt helpless and lost at sea in the medical bureaucracy of the VA system. Although I received excellent clinical mental health services at the VA, there was never an invitation, conversation or information about my human options as a consumer to learn to become highly literate, highly educated, fiercely empowered to choose what was best for my whole person within a context of having free will to make informed decisions. My Voice was not invited. I never knew I had a choice. Not until I met Chaya Grossberg.

I hired Chaya’s expertise for a full year in 2014. It was the best investment I could have made.

Chaya’s passion for helping other free themselves from the insidious slavery of chemical therapy is so deep it is riveting to me.

The task is an arduous one, and a guide is imperative, from my eperience. Chaya Grossberg is such a guide.

I am choosing to return to work with her to continue my healing journey and dream to become fully free from traditional Western psychiatry and transition to 100% plant based healing treatments and additional healing modalities outside the mainstream practices.

I would be most delighted to encourage others including active duty, veterans and families or communities with questions to contact Chaya and I’d be happy to share my story.

My best to you,

Tom Clute
USAF 1989-1993
Served Operation Desert Storm

I read your work on Nutrition and Creative Alternatives to Psych Meds. Great work! Not knowing I was autistic, therapists put me on psych meds trying to control me. Your advice should be taught to therapists as a part of their university study. Your recommendations seem common sense but all too often people think throwing pills at someone to control them is problem solved. You have so many ideas that are great and one that stays with me is the WRAP…plan when a crisis happens. I know a few on these horrible drugs and there are alternatives, many so simple. Thanks for posting your work on wordpress.
Cobnet Puch

Your posts and stories got me through acute benzo and antidepressant withdrawal; they gave me a lot of hope, strength and validation! You make a huge difference for those of us going through psychiatric drug withdrawal, and I thank you for that! You got me through so much, and you keep inspiring!

Hi Chaya! I just saw that you were sharing something from your workbook for those in the process of coming off of medications. I remember when you had the documentary showing- at the time, I was taking a mood stabilizing medication & wanting to come off of it. Around two years later….I am officially 2 weeks psych med free! And I feel amazing. I haven’t shared this with many people but I wanted to tell you, because you were someone along my journey who inspired me to do so. Much love to you!❤️

Chaya, I’ve read your book “Alternatives to Psychiatry” and I can relate to all you wrote. It’s like you are a voice of all of us who’ve been through the hell of anywhere in the western world and still are fighting for our well being.

 on Twitter


You are a Pioneer. You are Loved, Respected, Supported and Appreciated by me every day since I found you online somewhere in my search for truth.

I even used just the cover of your book to aid my challenge to the latest psychiatrist trying to mis diagnose & treat me yet again. Threatening me with another Section despite them knowing they’ve done it three times already, I didn’t swallow.

Just pretend for my self protection, not ever wanting to be pinned down and injected ever again! And I refuse to allow any more human rights violations against my person. Or collect prescriptions I don’t cash & then cash for a while in case they notice.

Collude with the lies. Stockpile pills & poisins not wanting to pollute our water by flushing, afraid to return them to chemist, deciding to make an art installation. Googling “Would 112 Valium kill you? when I was seriously contemplating suicide because I just couldn’t do it anymore & what I learnt shocked me. I count one stockpile & realise it’s 156 not 112 Valium I have & stash them away until it feels too hard again.

As my safety net, my escape. And that’s only one ‘drug’ & I had four other stock piles. Until I was educated & strong enough to speak up again. Losing fear of being on receiving end of a CTO. Standing up for myself. You and your fellows assisted me provided tips & signposts, sharing personal struggles & wisdoms to inspire and help others such as me. Life is hard sometimes.

You’re a gem! A Star! So I will now go kneel at my alter, light a candle, & send Love & Healing Energy from London .

Patricia Howlett, London, UK

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