Mental Health Perspectives Interview

Mental Health Perspectives Interview with Chaya Grossberg by Emma Snyder Woodside, Evergreen College student studying alternative health. Emma: Could you talk about your mental health perspectives in general? What does it mean to be ‘mentally healthy?’ Chaya: Here’s something I wrote on that: When someone uses the term mental health what do you assume they Read More

Transforming Negative Beliefs

Transforming negative beliefs: Have you ever written a list of the disempowering things you tell yourself and then replaced it with a list of positive things people have actually said about you? Here’s mine if you need some inspiration: Disempowering beliefs/things that were implanted into my brain by evil external forces over and over. not Read More

How to Improve Memory (at any age)

How to Improve Memory (at any age) I have a near photographic memory. Here are the things that work: 1. Daily writing longhand, 7 longhand pages per day, every single day. 2. Daily meditation-simply sitting quietly for at least 20 minutes per day. 3. Fish oil/cod liver oil. 4. Eating ample healthy fats like butter, Read More

Creative Blocks and How to Overcome Them

My work with many clients has showed me that creative blocks often get diagnosed as mental illness so being able to recognize and break through them can be life saving. It can even keep people from suicide. Something important is consistency, having a daily creative practice that is done no matter what. Mine is daily Read More