Is Life and Death Cause and Effect?

Something on my mind (and I’m pretty tired) is a realization I had about 10 years ago. It was that when I would die was not in my control.
I realized this in a moment of wondering what would happen if I tried to end my life. I had thought about suicide a lot that year, after one of my best friends died of it.
Likewise I think whenever it is time for me to die, there may not be much to be done about that either. I’m not as sure about this, but I am sure it won’t be possible for me to die “too soon”.
Since psychiatric meds nearly killed me at age 21/22, I’ve had this sense of destiny and purpose, so that even if I were to die soon, I think I could have some peace with knowing I had lived close to my purpose all of my life.
Curious if anyone else thinks along these lines? There’s so much talk about death in the collective and media these days, and I wondered how deeply you have inquired into your own death, how destined or fated it may be, how much or how little control you might have over it etc.
I think we have less control than we may discuss. Life and death are more of a mystery than the current narratives admit.
Still I only know my own reflections on life and death for myself. (I would never impose these views onto others or expect others to have the same reality).
The near death experience I had, went on, on and off, for about a year or 2, when I was on a lot of meds. This connected me to the other side in a spiritual way over an extended period of time.
I still touch death and the other side frequently. I am also, admittedly, scared of death in a way. Like many of us.
But I aspire to be such a bridge between worlds while I’m alive that death will be a smoother transition whenever it is bound to occur.

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12 thoughts on “Is Life and Death Cause and Effect?

  1. melodyworker says:

    I’m curious if anybody else has had similar thoughts. There’s a lot of debate about death in the media and among the general public these days, and I was curious driving directions whether you’ve given any thought to your own demise, whether it’s predetermined or predetermined by chance, if you have any influence over it or not, and so on.

  2. cat trap says:

    Words are powerful containers that generate action. They either build up or tear down. Words have the ability to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual life or death.

  3. dordle says:

    I appreciate you letting me know this. It’s fantastic what you’ve written on your blog. You published a blog piece that was both informative and entertaining.

  4. herry lauu says:

    In a biological sense, life and death are part of a natural cycle. Organisms are born, go through various life stages, A Small World Cup and eventually die. This cycle is essential for the continuity of life on Earth. While there are biological and environmental factors that contribute to the duration of an organism’s life, it’s not a direct cause-and-effect relationship in the traditional sense.

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