Nutrition for Coming Off of Psychiatric Drugs

Guest blog post by Rachael McCaskill ( I didn’t have an easy childhood (I don’t think many of us did!). My mother was chronically ill and my father worked 3 jobs. I had been a victim of date rape the summer after high school and was struggling with relationships. I was attending a really good Read More

Good life…while on seroquel

Hello! I am a student in Chaya’s course and here is my blog about nutrition! I have to start by admitting that I am still on seroquel, which is a personal choice. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic drug, and as some of you commented already, it is one of the most difficult drugs to come off. Read More

Music More Powerful, Less Addictive Than SSRI’s

By Alternative to Meds Center Thanks to the legendary works of Plato, et al, we are still be able to appreciate the innate power in music to evoke profound emotion, instill meaning, and even tame the mind’s chaos, disorder, discontent, and anxiety. Music has a wealth of ancient wisdom and lore connected to it, going Read More

A Society You Don’t Need Therapy to Recover From

Yesterday my friend posted on Twitter: “Imagine living in a society that you don’t need therapy to recover from”. It got 399 likes and 101 retweets already. It inspired me to write this. A world we don’t need therapy to recover from is one where everyone is living close to their soul. Everyone is listening Read More

MediBee, An App for Psychiatric Med Withdrawal

guest blog by the MediBee team Health monitoring through technological devices is becoming popular. Many have scrapped pen and paper when initiating a withdrawal program, and now use excel sheets to track progress and monitor medicine dosages. MediBee is an app for psychiatric med withdrawal. Silvia Meyer, who is based in Denmark, has added an Read More

Alternatives to Chemical Restraints

Chemical restraints are pharmaceutical drugs used to sedate someone so they can be more easily controlled in a crisis or perceived crisis situation. They are usually tranquilizers, benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Attivan that are given in the form of an injection when they are not consented to. There are a variety of alternatives to Read More

Are Marijuana and Psychedelics Psych Drugs?

Question from my friend: Is Marijuana a Psychiatric drug in your context? Can it help those getting off of Psych drugs or hinder? My Answer: Marijuana, is not what I would call a psych drug because I’m talking about pharmaceuticals (chemically synthesized substances) that are prescribed to treat supposed medical illnesses. Here’s an article about Read More

Getting Off Lamictal/Lamotrigine

Recently a dear friend of mine went on Lamictal and her doctor told her getting off Lamictal would be easy because she was on a low dose. Update: We now have a forum for getting off Lamictal support and you can click right here to access it. Start a topic, ask a questions. I got Read More

111 Things to Try Before Going On Psychiatric Drugs

Alternatives to psychiatric meds! This is the number one thing I get asked for when I tell people that I consult with those who have been harmed by psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. What are the alternatives to psychiatric meds? A lot of people say psychiatric drugs are a last resort, or that everything else should Read More