Good life…while on seroquel


I am a student in Chaya’s course and here is my blog about nutrition!

I have to start by admitting that I am still on seroquel, which is a personal choice. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic drug, and as some of you commented already, it is one of the most difficult drugs to come off.

The problem with seroquel is that it becomes extremely addictive for sleep. It is even prescribed (while not officially recognized as sleep drug) for insomnia.

And it is the main reason I am still on it!

You see, I am a single mum, I live in a foreign country, I need to work and to look after my son. I can’t afford any drama at this moment, no hospitals, no struggle with complete withdrawal. I need to be here, for my son, who is only 8. I need to put food on the table, buy him socks, take him to school, be there for him to listen, and to share stories, fun, cinema trips, sleep-overs from friends etc. And I am also very busy with my career, and as it happens, I love my job!

So, yes, I am on seroquel. I am on the lowest possible dose (between 25-50-75 ml). It allows me to be sure that I have control, can sleep, and not get any psychotic episode. I do plan to stop it, when my son goes to uni, but not before that, though, I don’t really know!

With my dose, I did have to come up with a routine which works, and nutrition is, of course, the key!

I am probably Vata type (something I learned from the course). I need to make sure I get plenty of protein, fibre, fat, and starch!

My morning starts with a good cup of coffee (I do agree with Chaya, that being too strict never works!). I drink plenty of water with my coffee and take my vitamin B (though after reading the course, I also plan to stock up on vitamin C and magnesium!). I then have yogurt and some fruits, I know my body and know that I can’t tolerate too much food in the morning!

At 11.30 I have brunch! I always try to have some proteins! Chicken, eggs, salad, followed with a smoothie! I then eat fruits and have a very nice, warm dinner around 5-6 with my son! Having a child means that I need to think about his nutrition too, so I always cook warm meals, with protein (always some chicken, meat, or fish) and vegetables!

In the evening, it is snack time! Little bit of dark chocolate, chamomile tea, sometimes a glass of red wine (yes, I know, lol! But I do believe that we should also enjoy our lives when we can!).


The really important things I learned for myself from the course are:

  1. Always make sure you follow the combination: protein, fat, fibre, starch!
  2. Seasons and body! Are we in winter or in summer? Are you Vata or someone else? Are you glucose tolerant or not?
  3. Sleep and rest! I am going to try to take some coconut oil if I wake up at night!
  4. Supplements! I already take many, that work for me, but reading about turmeric was a revelation and I am planning to buy it! As well as vitamin C!

I also subscribed to the gym (I do believe in physical exercise), art class ( for creativity!), and look for some recipes for more interesting chicken soup, lol!


I write about my ‘madness’ on, and since my first ‘madness’ happened in Amsterdam, I attached a picture of Amsterdam!



7 thoughts on “Good life…while on seroquel

  1. Ekaterina says:

    I forgot to include one very easy recipe! It works well for both chicken (or beef) or salmon!
    Fry some garlic (depending on preferences) with olive oil, add either chicken, beef or salmon, pour little bit of teryaki sauce (soya works too!), stir, wait till it is fried, and voila! Ready and tasty, can be eaten with rice or vegetables and so easy to make!

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