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When one is coming off of psychiatric pharmaceuticals, it’s common to experience withdrawal induced anxiety, panic and psychosis.  Here are some tips to help calm your body.

Herbs and supplements to help with withdrawal induced anxiety/insomnia/psychosis:

Herbs are best absorbed as tincture or tea (rather than capsules or pills).  If possible, buy (or forage or grow) loose organic herbs and steep your own tea.  High quality organic bag tea is also fine.

Supplements (take high quality food based when possible as liquid/chewable for better absorption): B Vitamins, Vitamin D (sublingual), Vitamin C (take powder but too much can cause digestive upset so mostly get it from fruit), Calcium, Magnesium, Melatonin (for sleep).

Synthetic vitamins should be used with care, similar to drugs.  Avoid taking a lot of new ones all at once and/or stopping a supplement regimen suddenly as most contain synthetic chemicals and mild toxins and should be withdrawn from slowly.  If you use high quality, you won’t need as much.  Intuition helps when choosing which ones to take.  Trust your instincts, be moderate, get as much as possible from food and broth.

Foods: fats (a spoonful or 2 of olive oil/sesame oil/coconut oil can help with insomnia/anxiety), proteins (if not vegetarian red meat is helpful though too much can increase aggression in some people; good in Winter and for anxiety and fatigue), lots of vegetables.

Protein powders from whey/hemp/pea/rice (not soy protein isolate).  Fruit and honey at bedtime. Whole milk goat dairy products if dairy is tolerated.

This is not medical advice, simply ideas I and others have found helpful. There will always be more things to try, as well as differing viewpoints and nutritional outlooks so I mostly recommend things I’ve used myself and know others have used that have been of benefit.  This is not meant as a “better” diet or the “right” diet.  There is no right diet.  Every single food, herb and supplement will be undesirable or intolerable or cause an allergic reaction to someone.  Every person is different in constitution, sensitivity and ability to tolerate different foods and substances.  Please share what has been helpful for you.


These books would be helpful to read alongside the products:


  Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs (ebook also available at this link for $9.99)


Nutritional Support For Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal


Here are some product recommendations (some of these may be affiliate links where I will get a small commission if you purchase through the link):

Gentle herbs

Tulsi loose leaf, organic

Tulsi tea bags, organic

Organic Frontier bulk oatstraw for tea

Organic oatstraw tea bags

Organic Herbpharm oat tincture


Oatstraw tincture


Tulsi/holy basil tincture


Milk Thistle (to support liver)




Magnesium oil, Lifeflo


Protein Powders


Whey Protein Powder 


Vegan Protein Powder (this one has sprouted ingredients which may be an issue for some people in withdrawal)



Pea Protein Powder






Unfortified Nutritional yeast


Magnesium, Doctor’s Best high absorption (be careful with magnesium as it can quicken withdrawal. Take a small amount and monitor its effects)


Liquid minerals


Cod Liver Oil



Vitamin C


  Food based Vitamin C


Liquid Vitamin D


Vitamin K2


Amino acids


Bone marrow supplement for bioavailable calcium


Multivitamin that I take when I take multivitamins. 



For Baths


  Epsom salt


baking soda (for bath)



May you be calm!