Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs Book is HERE

I have something big to announce, which is that my book, which I’ve been working on for over 6 years (and even includes some of my writings from 16 years ago when I was going through psych drug hell) is finally done and ready for you to read.



The print book is 272 pages and is a comprehensive guide to finding freedom from psychiatric drugs with the following: chapters:

My Story
Understanding the System
Gathering Resources and Support
After Un-Diagnosis: Finding Your Own Language For Your Suffering
Turning Trauma Into Medicine
Supporting the Body
Connecting with the Worldwide Movement
Finding Meaningful Work (or creating your own)
Going Public, Being Known
Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings
Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One
Surviving Deaths of Comrades
Supporting Others Without Interfering, Accepting Others Where They Are, and Leading By Example
Having Fun Again

You can preview it and read some for free here.

Yes, this book would make a great holiday gift for anyone struggling with trauma and/or psych drugs!

If you contributed to my fundraiser in 2014, I sent you a this Ebook for free as your gift. Please let me know if you didn’t get it so I can be sure to email you your copy.

And if you think it would benefit others and have a chance, a review and/or star rating on Amazon would be awesome.

Thanks for being here. This book is from my soul and is about a lot of things, including coming off psych drugs. My intention with the book is that it carry a certain energy of healing and transformation that can, in itself, alchemize some of the transformation a lot of us are hoping for in this world.

There’s a theory that books help us even if we don’t read them (from the author SARK). I believe this to be true, though I also know that reading them helps unlock the medicine even more. 

So I hope you’ll read it! And share it. And spread the word to anyone seeking healing from psychiatry and the harm that goes along with it.



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7 thoughts on “Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs Book is HERE

  1. slope unblocked says:

    This is a beautiful book that I read while I was in a hospital in California. I spoke to Chaya over the phone, too, and she was wonderful. Reading this book is like hearing it from the author herself. It is an interesting foray into learning about becoming free from psychiatric drugs, and is filled with many blog-like entries pertaining to the author’s interest.

  2. funny shooter 2 says:

    While I was confined to a hospital in California, I had the opportunity to read this magnificent book. I also had a conversation with Chaya over the phone, and she was delightful. Reading this book is almost identical to having a conversation with the author.

  3. strands says:

    I am subject to a compulsory drugging regime which is ruining my livelihood and well-being. I love meditating and the drugs oppress my dopamine receptors which disables my ability to achieve a meditative state when practising. Which is worse my doctor says it is psychological.

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