Do you wish there was a magic pill to get you off psych drugs as quickly as easily as you got on?

You want healthy and holistic alternatives to psychiatric meds.

You have too many gifts to be on psych drugs.

There’s something you need to share with the world.

And you can’t be compromised by psych drugs much longer.

Or at least not forever.

You’re in the right place.

On this blog you are a human being, accepted and valued.

You want to come off psychiatric drugs but when you’ve tried in the past you went cold turkey.

You were so ready to be free you had a crisis or ended up back in the hospital and put on more drugs.

Or you tapered slowly but lost patience.

Or those around you did.

Your doctor started switching around the meds you’re on and it got confusing.

You don’t know which drug is doing what.

When you have adverse affects to the medications, you don’t even know which medication is causing which effect.

When you do know your doctor doesn’t believe you and no one takes you seriously enough.

You’ve started to withdraw but had excruciating withdrawal symptoms like panic attacks and psychosis.

They were even worse than what you experienced before going on meds.

Every so often you want so much to be free, you try a cold turkey again, you want your mind and energy back so badly.

You are pretty sure going slowly is your best bet, but then you’ll need lots of long term support and where will you find that?

Your friends and family are busy and get annoyed with you easily.

Or they are intrusive and constantly try to tell you what to do.

Your doctors are only there for short appointments.

They know even less about withdrawal than you do, or than you can learn online.

This is where I can help.

I’m not a magic pill.

But I can help you see and clarify your purpose.

And get your life back.

Map out the road back to freedom.

Here’s your free E-Book to get started!

Reconnect to your body, mind and spirit.

Choose your creative, health and nutritional practices.

Those that work for you, your life and your body

I specialize in understanding withdrawal process.

We piece together support systems that work for you, which may be people, nutrition and other practices.

You want to be free and full of your real, authentic, creative energy again

You miss knowing what you think feel and desire.

Most of all you want to feel alive, alert and connected again.

You have a lot of worth, value and inspiration for others too, and that can easily be recognized.

I have the gift of intuitively tapping into you to bring those feelings of aliveness, connection and validity.

We work together with your actual situation, where you are right now.

I offer you my huge knowledge base of med free solutions that bring you a med free life.

A life where your own intuition is clear.

A life where those around you look to you for inspiration.

Please take your time looking through the many blogs and articles on this site (click on start here in the menu) with all kinds of information, tips, personal suggestions, stories and inspiration for your journey to live without psych meds.

My hope is that this site will give you lots of ideas, faith and resources for your journey, and that you’ll take your time with it and read the whole thing.

To your freedom,


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Thanks and blessings on your journey to be med-free. Hang in there-it’s worth it!

Keep reading this site, commenting and staying connected!


I work people who are having their spiritual or creative emergence labeled a mental illness and resist psychiatry and psych drugs.

After psychiatric drugs took my physical and mental capacities away (and nearly my life) at age 21, I have been an advocate, activist, speaker, writer, consultant, teacher, and supporter for those coming off psych drugs and those choosing not to take them despite social pressure.  Read more of my story here. Read more of my writings here .

For the past decade I have been writing a very thorough book about how we can break free of psychiatric drugs after having our whole lives controlled by them.  This book is written from the perspective of working with thousands of others with the Freedom Center, Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community, Alternative to Meds Center, Portland Hearing Voices, Mental Health Association of Portland, Mental Health Association of San Francisco’s Warm Line and my own coaching, teaching and blogging practices.

Using experiences gleaned from teaching yoga, meditation, art and writing to people coming off of psychiatric drugs, leading countless support groups and talking to thousands of individuals one on one as well as receiving thousands of emails and blog comments, this book, will put together everything I’ve learned from my own and others experiences.

I have been writing about this topic for over 15 years and have a ton of wisdom to share that comes oozing out of me at parties, in conversations with strangers, in facebook posts and tweets, in blogs and audio blogs.

My dream has been for the past decade-plus to help every single person who wants to come off psychiatric pharmaceuticals to do so.  Despite the apparent problem of lack of resources, the true problem is low public awareness about this issue and lack of drive to reallocate funds to a variety of health and community supporting options.

As someone who survived diagnoses of psychosis, OCD, depression and anxiety disorder and was on 7 pharmaceuticals at the age of 21, but went on to be a national leader, teacher and popular blogger who receives gratitude email for my work daily, my aim is to inspire as many people as possible to allocate resources for those in need of withdrawal support.

The one thing all psychiatric survivors I’ve ever met or worked with have in common is that they were inspired by the stories of others.  The survival and recovery stories of others was what gave them hope, and allowed them to liberate themselves from psychiatric mythology.

You will also help connect people with a fountain of practical advice, resources, peer support networks and many more opportunities.

I have many testimonials of my work and operate both intuitively and based on tons of on the ground experience working with people around the world for the past 15 years, meeting each person where they are (which may be not yet ready to withdraw from psychiatric drugs).  Withdrawal can be a complex process and each person’s path must be honored.

What some clients have said:

Chaya Love, your article has me all teary eyed.  You are such an inspiration to me! When we first met, I sought out your expertise, as a peer mentor and as someone who had successfully tapered off all psych drugs. What transpired during our sessions was profoundly healing for me. You met me where I was, never above me, and showed me a true picture of the gifts I had within, to be shared with the world. I felt so understood and seen through your keen insight. You awakened in me, treasures and as you spoke them aloud, I knew that my voice was important. You told me that you saw me speaking in front of large crowds and that made me very nervous yet excited all at once. The thing is, being in your presence, I recognized myself beyond all roles and labels and was able to take my place in the orchestra of life, center stage. Thank you for all that you share and be!
– Ayin Cushnir, Portland, OR

Thank you, Chaya, so very, very much. I received tremendous, exquisite and profoundly honoring and validating, soul nurturing support, in addition to practical and excellent self care suggestions for next steps to consider, that you offered, sharing your own positive experiences of them supporting your own well-being.

I am truly refreshed and invigorated, as well as challenged in a nurturing way, to keep stretching and growing towards my dreams and soul purpose. I was beyond delighted with the support I experienced with you tonight. I look forward to more.

Feel free to share this appreciation acknowledgement however of value to you and/or others, Chaya.
– Tom Clute, Portland, OR


Are you:

  • coming off psych drugs?
  • towards end of process or just off and want to blog your story?
  • being pressured to go on psych drugs and need support to not go on?
  • intuitive?
  • in need of regular support while reducing psych drugs?
  • very creative and ready to start sharing creativity publicly after being on psych drugs?

Are you ready to keep a daily journal, nurture your creativity, develop excellent self care and find supportive friends, especially psychiatric survivors?

I have connections with psychiatric survivors all over the world and would like to put you in touch with supporters. I am highly intuitive and able to tune in with what you need as an individual and meet you where you’re at, helping you build and sustain the community and lifestyle habits you need to come off and stay off psych drugs.You will experience hope that you can come off and stay off psych drugs and live a deeply meaningful life with supportive community and satisfying creativity.

Once you are free of any psych drugs you don’t want to be taking or that are having harmful side effects, you will have the energy, clarity and confidence to express yourself authentically, build empowering and supportive relationships and get your creativity out there into the world to inspire others. The world needs your creativity and authenticity. We need you to be as clear, energized and healthy as possible. We need you to help inspire others who are being told they need to be drugged and sedated. We need your full self now. Don’t let another day go by feeling like you are only half you and there’s no one to support you in becoming your whole self.

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Heartscience: Where heart and science meet and healing happens again. Heartscience is reuniting the heart and science via art.  It’s where healing happens again and medicine is redefined.  Now it must include heart, art and science, and now it is healing again-exhale!  More…

It can be immensely scary to put yourself out there for your gifts if those very gifts are what got you labeled “mentally ill.” You are sensitive, brilliant, outstandingly creative and intelligent… and scared with good reason.

What if I told you your soul (your purpose in life, the things that make you cry, the things that bring you renewal, liberation and ecstasy) is more powerful than the entire mental health system? The mental health system has a lot of power: legally, socially, politically, economically. Yet, you, one person, being authentically you, and uncovering your offerings bit by bit has more power than an entire worldwide trillion dollar industry.

And your time on psychiatric drugs (or that of your loved ones) has not been wasted either. You have studied, learned, connected and made progress towards your life goals.

You can do anything if you commit to it from your soul. That action attracts the people and circumstances you need to make it real.

You are doing something you may have thought was impossible-and so am I! For many years I’ve prayed to be able to help everyone in the world -who wishes to and is on them- come off psychiatric drugs. How’s that for “Mission Impossible?” Yet everything amazing that has ever happened seemed impossible before it did! That’s why we call things miracles. Well, I’m putting my whole life towards that goal now.

PLEASE click on the “WORK” tab above and check out my offerings. It will be the beginning of a whole new level of freedom for you. You’ll start to -little by little- reveal your story.

Take this leap of faith with me. It’s a rebellious act, so let me put it this way: I dare you to join me. I dare you to trust that I NEED you to be free. I absolutely need your creative gifts-and I need them unleashed, un-drugged, un-suppressed. Every single cell in the world needs you too.

If you aren’t free, I’m not fully free. Please take this small baby step and help me fulfill my purpose as well.

You will, in turn, be the light others look to, when coming off psychiatric pharmaceuticals.