Free Resources

The number of requests I’ve been getting lately for free sessions and even free books has been growing to the point of being completely unmanageable for me to even have the bandwidth to respond. I do have a template for responding to people who may not know that they can schedule a session with me Read More

Fighting the Psychiatric Fear Based Model

The best way to achieve  sovereignty over the psychiatric fear-based narrative is to strengthen all of your other narratives. Keep your throat chakra strong with daily creative activity, daily voice and writing practices, and reclamation of your own story. If you don’t occupy your own mind and your own voice, someone else will Over subscription Read More

What I Offer You

My client today said to me, “I really like speaking with you, it’s very collaborative.” She later said, “You seem confident that people don’t need these meds… That they can focus on nutrition and self-care and other things that will improve their life.” People often come to me when deep down they do not want Read More