Message For Humanity and Introduction to my Upcoming Poetry Book

This message will be heard clearly by those who need it. If that is not you, please ignore-do not argue or debate on this piece.

Psychiatric meds are entity possession, they are a huge violation on humanity, human consciousness.

They render humans unfit for work, love and friendship.

They need to be reduced slowly and safely for most and they create a holding pattern, not only for the individual.

They are so widespread now that they have put humanity itself in a holding pattern.

When you are in a holding pattern, the fastest and only true way out is through soul retrieval.

Soul retrieval travels on the conduit of art: poetry, music, painting etc. It can be an invention or creation.

Any true art is soul retrieval and any soul retrieval comes with art.

So if you are stuck on psych meds, either focus on art or spiritual practice for soul retrieval, or both.

One will lead to the other, they are intertwined and codependent.

Staying grounded, alive and safe is the other focus and priority.

If possible, let work, romance and friendships take back burners during this time of soul retrieval (unless they are part of the soul retrieval).

When you focus on soul retrieval, the process gets expedited, and can be faster and much more efficient than focusing on the body alone or on activities which psych meds have disabled you from doing.

While you may have lost abilities such as writing, music and artistic craft from the meds, soul retrieval cuts through that loss and brings you your art without a need for the skills you would require otherwise.

When I was on 7 meds and bedridden for a year with a drug induced fever for 3 months, I could not read or write well.

My brain was disabled but my soul retrieved poetry and songs.
I had never written songs before, or had any musical skill, but songs came to me.

Once I got all the poems and songs from that particular soul retrieval, my body was able to come off the drugs.

I will be creating a book of the poems that came to me in that soul retrieval, as they are encoded to help others retrieve their souls so they can knock away the entities riding on psych meds, and get free from their grip faster.

There is no supplement protocol that can replace soul retrieval.

Each person must do it. It is a way to join together to eject the psychiatric parasite from stealing our soul purposes, from blocking our messages.

In summary, if you are stuck on psych drugs, this is an opportunity for soul retrieval and art making that comes with it, and vice versa.

You are not entirely stuck. As long as you are embodied, your soul fragments can return to you, you can create art in some way, you can retrieve them.

Bonus message:

If you’ve been put on psych meds, it means you are vulnerable to psychic violation and need to continuously , for the rest of you life, commit ot soul retrieval art.

There is no way around it and no other way out.

It is the only way to be free from the parasitic activity of the psychiatric complex.

The psychiatric complex becomes a barometer (like any other infiltration, parasite or energy vampire).

When you fall vulnerable to it, when you have been caught as its prey, your soul has something to retrieve, there is art coming through.

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