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The number of requests I’ve been getting lately for free sessions and even free books has been growing to the point of being completely unmanageable for me to even have the bandwidth to respond.

I do have a template for responding to people who may not know that they can schedule a session with me or maybe looking for resources in general but I need to create a page on my website that I can point people to so they can access the incredible amount of free resources I’ve created and posted over the past two decades.

I have spent 20 years along with my spirit guides creating content to help people who want to come off psychiatric medications and/or stay off or be free from them.

These resources come as blogs, podcasts, and videos.

Almost all of them are available freely on my website.

So if you’ve reached out for help and haven’t gotten a response please please explore my website.

The contact there is specifically designed for you, to help you when I can’t be available to everyone.

There are thousands and thousands of people desperately seeking to come off psychiatric meds and very few people in the world who are skilled and available to help them.

I am only one person but I did create all those resources and take the time to format and post them freely on my website so that absolutely anyone could access them at any time.

Please avail yourself to them and explore them deeply.

My book Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs also has workbook sections at the end of each chapter which can be explored deeply for personal use to create your own personal plan.

Thank you and I hope to have a page where I lay out these resources for when people ask for a free session or a free book, but in the meantime explore for yourself and find it all there for you for free.

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