How Do Psych Meds Impact Healing From Trauma?

One problematic thing about psych meds for people with post traumatic stress is that they make it harder to regulate the brain over time.

Clearly psychiatric drug withdrawal causes extreme dysregulation for many people and is a trauma in itself, but let’s look at the meds themselves.

Any substance that numbs emotions or disconnects us from our feelings, or reduces highs and lows or anything like that, makes it harder for the organism to learn to calm itself down without that substance.

This isn’t a value judgement- of course there are cases across the spectrum where numbing out with a substance or otherwise can help to get through something that is too extreme to deal with otherwise.
This can even help people feel more stable in the short term for sure.

But if we want to heal long term from trauma, we need to give our systems a chance (with lots of support and tools) to learn how to “self regulate”.

Self regulate doesn’t mean it has to be done alone. But it needs to be done in a way that feelings are integrated, not averted with a substance.
It often seems nearly impossible even without the challenge of substances in the mix.

Again this is not about judging anyone or saying one way is better or worse. It’s only about what our systems would need over the long haul to reregulate after long term trauma.

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  1. I’m concerned that generally people are on board entirely with drugs of all kinds. It takes work to get the right support and try to be patient with yourself and work through tough emotions. It takes a few seconds to swallow a pill. That’s what people seem to want. The fastest, easyist solution. It’s like we don’t want to be human. It’s a convenient belief system where we buy the answer to the problem. Its fear that leads to a lot of tragic events and fear and or lack of independent thinking that leads to short sighted answers that put a hold on moving forward happily.

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