Getting Guidance From Your Dreams

Recently I desired to work more with my dreams, which I tend to remember in detail most nights and have for a lot of my life.

Kim Harrison, a dream coach who I call “The Life Coach For Dreamers” I started working with a few weeks ago.

One of the first dreams I shared with her was of me teaching a yoga class at a party. I was going in and out of teaching and the students were drifting off because I wasn’t staying present and consistent with teaching them.
Kim quickly helped me realize that this was a message about my work. Over this past year I have not been consistently putting my messages out there. Like many of us I’ve had screen fatigue, internet fatigue, everything fatigue.

But it’s been over a year now and I felt the dream was prompting me to be consistent again. So I started to put out writings in support of psychiatric survivors and those in psych med withdrawal more regularly again.

I immediately got a good response and I finally emailed my email list again after nearly a year.

Then I had another dream to guide me. In this one I was voting and someone told me that my demographic was voting the most. I had the chance, in my dream, to vote everyday, and I did so, with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

My work with Kim helped me to recognize what this dream was telling me. It was saying that by putting my message out there everyday, I can vote everyday. That sharing my voice and teachings is a vote and I can vote frequently.
This dream was empowering and it helped me to believe in the work I was doing with Kim on my dreams because I saw how quickly I could change my actions with the clear guidance from my dreams.

It was also a dream that helped me overcome obstacles with coming off psychiatric meds 18 years ago. I had tapered off of Risperdal quickly and was having panic attacks that were too extreme for me. My dream told me to taper slower. It even told me a specific amount to taper. This was in 2002, before there were Internet forums or communities of people helping each other figure out how to taper, and of course doctors didn’t know much.

So my dreams have been assisting me in my life mission for a long time. And I’m grateful for Kim’s support in uncovering what my dreams are telling me.

She offers a free consultation if you’d like to try her dream coaching and see how it can help you with your dreams and life.
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