Fighting the Psychiatric Fear Based Model

The best way to achieve  sovereignty over the psychiatric fear-based narrative is to strengthen all of your other narratives.

Keep your throat chakra strong with daily creative activity, daily voice and writing practices, and reclamation of your own story.

If you don’t occupy your own mind and your own voice, someone else will

Over subscription to any fear-based medical model is an indication that the creativity and throat chakra need a lot of attention, expression, liberation, and active participation from you.

If there is fear around finding your own story, your own expression, your own creativity, your own narrative, you can start with safe practices like journaling, drawing, vocalizing when you’re alone…

And talking to safe and trusted people about what you believe, think and feel. Trusted people are those who will not stigmatize you, label you, or put you in a box.

The stronger we each get in our voice, our expression and our truth telling, the less we as a society can be co-opted by soul stealing narratives.


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6 thoughts on “Fighting the Psychiatric Fear Based Model

  1. redactle says:

    Read your article, and found it to be intriguing. I hope to read your post as soon as it becomes available. I wish you the best of luck with the future upgrade. This essay is really helpful and intriguing all at the same time.

  2. papa's pizzeria says:

    If you are afraid of discovering your own story, your own expression, your own creativity, and your own narrative, you can begin with secure practices such as journaling, drawing, and speaking out loud when you are alone.

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