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My client today said to me, “I really like speaking with you, it’s very collaborative.”

She later said, “You seem confident that people don’t need these meds… That they can focus on nutrition and self-care and other things that will improve their life.”

People often come to me when deep down they do not want to take psych meds or do not want their family members or loved ones to take them but they still have a bit of uncertainty and need some reassurance.

They resonate with my message and it gives them a feeling of relief and hope after the fear instilled in them from the psychiatric model.

They often want to run their ideas by me and get a point by point breakdown of what’s true and what isn’t about the psychiatric model.

From a young age, in fact around the same time that Prozac and other SSRIs were starting to be more widely prescribed to the average adult and teenager, I had an intuitive, instinctive knowing and understanding of how the psychiatric system works.

Over time, experience, research and talking to thousands of people about their experiences with psychiatric meds, my understanding and knowledge has grown deeper and I’ve found more vocabulary for how to explain what psychiatry does and does not do.

I am generally not a good fit for someone who feels that psych meds have saved or improved their life and want to take them.

Rather I am an excellent support for anyone who deep down does not want to take psychiatric meds but grapples with fears, and societal and medical model programming that constantly nags at them.

There’s a cognitive dissonance when the science and the medical model don’t line up.

Especially when people feel scared, Insecure, and worried.

I am so grateful that I can be a voice of reason for anyone in those shoes who feels deep down that they want a life free from psych meds and to find alternative paradigms than the psychiatric medical model.

I’m good at helping people think about life from different angles and see different possibilities where the psychiatric medical model was only giving them a narrow view and very few options, none of which were appealing.

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    That information is pretty good and helpful. I appreciate you sharing this helpful information with us so quickly. Please keep us informed in this manner. I appreciate your sharing.

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