The Income Of Your Love

If you ever feel heartbroken, you know degraded, alone and invisible, regardless of how seemingly “small” the reason, you can breathe deeply into the emptiness.

It will not be easy at first but you will go there because nowhere else has any significance to you now.

So you will reluctantly breathe into what you fear is an abyss in your soul-a fundamental crack in your constitution, an un-healable scab.

As you breathe there and keep breathing there, not because you want to but because you are desperate to know it, you will eventually find this odd nectar underneath that buried shame, fear and anger.


It will be like striking gold and you’ll keep breathing and breathing into a place in your own heart reserved just for moments like these.

You may tell yourself you opened your heart too quickly at times (and too slowly at others) but you can’t dictate the speed of your love. You can only stay with it and stay with yourself, when there’s nowhere else that feels safe.

The nectar you find will be healing and you will want to hang out with it.

It will let you let go of the outcome of your love out there and receive the income of your love in here.

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One thought on “The Income Of Your Love

  1. Laura says:

    The backrooms game was inspired by the same-named internet creepypasta. The game’s premise is that there are an infinite amount of rooms concealed behind reality’s walls, and if you clip through them.

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