A Society You Don’t Need Therapy to Recover From

Yesterday my friend posted on Twitter: “Imagine living in a society that you don’t need therapy to recover from”. It got 399 likes and 101 retweets already. It inspired me to write this.

A world we don’t need therapy to recover from is one where everyone is living close to their soul. Everyone is listening deeply to themselves and others, everyone is an artist practicing their art daily, everyone exercises their imagination, makes music and expresses life poetically.

Every situation is viewed and addressed soulfully, all bodies are fully embodied and being around any other person or living being is a reminder of our soul’s freedom, of how connected we are, how loved and safe we are, and who we are.

Everyone’s face feels like family; we are all living enough of our soul’s purpose to be recognized by others and to recognize ourselves in others, and therefore to recognize others as the individuals they are, also interwoven and interconnected with ourselves.

In a society you don’t need therapy to recover from, life is dreamy and poetic and there is space to listen to and act out shadow characters asking to be heard, seen, witnessed. The integration is palpable and rather than feeling the need to prove ourselves to others as adequate/enough/good enough/anything else, we view one another as opportunities to embody and repossess more and more of our spirits and souls. Then our beings feel light, full, strong and heartful, like nothing is missing, there are no screws loose, we don’t have to cover up our playful authenticity (which is unique and free to explore in each moment) for the sake of straight jacketing conformity that is “comfortable” but doesn’t feed us the full meals we need to stay willfully alive. We are truly alive with the vitality that comes when we are free to play, experiment, imagine and at all times do what is interesting to us.

a society you don't need therapy to recover from

In a society you don’t need therapy to recover from, the potency of passion is free to explore, to listen to deeply in oneself and others. It naturally flows in the direction it is welcomed and connects in a mutual ecstasy, spontaneous and always free to deviate from any presumed script in its own way.

The levels of vulnerability and connectedness are so high amongst the masses that people are free from clinging. Fights are not destructive, but opportunities to voice and integrate anything more. Speaking our truth is so common that big blow ups and certainly wars are unnecessary. Each soul naturally cares about the wellbeing of the others and the natural inclination is to have all needs met for all.

A society you don’t need therapy to recover from.

I’m not sure if this post gives a complete or concrete answer to what a society you don’t need therapy to recover from would look like or how we would get there, but this is my answer for now. What is your answer?

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