One on One Med Free Solutions Certificate Program

Are you interested in learning how to be a non-medical consultant to those coming off psychiatric meds or seeking alternatives?

I’m planning to add a few new consultants to my business (maybe more down the line) and am offering you a training course as a preliminary step. Completion of this course will give you a Med Free Solutions certificate.

This is a 20 module course in everything I’ve learned in the past 15 years about professionally supporting people in coming off psych drugs and 5 and a half years of having a consulting business.

Here’s a video where I talk about my inspiration for this course:

The course will cover the ins and outs of how to consult with people seeking alternatives.

The one on one program will start as soon as July, and is self paced. I am accepting only 4 one on one students right now at an introductory discounted rate.

The list of modules is below. After each session, I will send you the written materials to review for the next session. You will have a few homework questions for each session that will relate to the written materials and give you the opportunity to think about each topic and how you personally connect to it. These can be turned into blog posts for your marketing (optional).

We will have a one hour call for that module where you will share with me your thoughts, reflections and questions on the topic. I will answer your questions and share some prepared material on each topic. We will do some role playing, and start to introduce the next topic.

Since it is self paced, we won’t have to meet every week. The full course has 20 modules. This one on one program will be more accelerated than the group program (which starts in the fall and will take longer to complete), with a lot more individual attention, but still not rushed. We can talk weekly or every other week or at the pace that works for you.

You will have the opportunity to blog and/or create video blogs about your process, which you can post on my website (or your own) and promote on social media. This is optional and recommended. I will offer to help promote your work online.

This one on one program seed launch will initially be open to 4 people only.

You will have the option to buddy with one or more of the others to practice and discuss the materials and for mutual support.

Alternatively/additionally, I can set you up with other clients/students/readers of mine for practice sessions, or you can offer practice sessions to your own contacts.


To be off psychiatric drugs and no longer in withdrawal. It is not required that you have taken psychiatric drugs, but preferred.

Upfront commitment to the full course (the group program I’m planning for the fall will have a la carte, and commitment-free options).

Modules for Course in Alternatives to Psychiatry Consulting (in approximate order, may be adjusted)

Educating clients/families/the public about withdrawal

Personal background and specific expertise (micro niche aka nutrition/intuition/yoga etc)

Nutritional coaching

Herbs and Supplements

Things to be aware of in withdrawal

Teaching self care and self prioritization

Creativity and uncovering the meaning and purpose in diagnosis/life of clients

Your niche and using your story to reach others

Blogging and marketing

Building Your Referral network, gathering testimonials

Bringing in your personal story (even if you’re not a psychiatric survivor)

Working With Families

Logistics and Ethics: policies, boundaries, protecting yourself from liability

Overcoming impostor’s syndrome

Looking at/moving through fear of success

Website and newsletter

Listening and self care practices that improve your listening skills without sacrificing yourself

How to research online about psych meds, withdrawal etc

(this is a list of topics we will cover-some will be grouped together or with other sub topics)

The introductory discounted cost for the full program will be $3800 if you pay via a no fee method such as PayPal send to a friend (via this email address: or Zelle. If you prefer to pay via a PayPal invoice or a method with a fee, the cost will be $3900.

If this work resonates with you and you are called to be one of the first 4 Med Free Solutions trained consultants, and to work in a way that is authentic, meaningful and effective, please email me letting me know in 2 paragraphs why you are interested. Please include your background with taking and withdrawing from psychiatric drugs and/or supporting others in this process as well as any links to your online presence, if you have one. I will select the first 4 who are a good fit and who are ready to commit.

My qualifications:

Who I’ve taught, trained, facilitated for and consulted with:

Freedom Center Northampton
Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community
Windhorse Associates
Protection and Advocacy for the Mentally Ill Council of Massachusetts
Northampton Public Library
Alternative to Meds Center
Sisters of the Road
Mt. Holyoke College
Smith College
Hampshire College
Mental Health Association of San Francisco
Rethinking Psychiatry
Marin Raw Food and Vibrant Health
Transition Mill Valley
Mental Health Association of Portland
Portland Hearing Voices
Advocacy Unlimited
Holyoke High School
Alternatives Conference

Where I’ve studied and other credentials:

Stuyvesant H.S. (where I first started meditating and writing poetry believe it or not!)

Hampshire College BA in Creative Writing/Experiential Education/Mental Health Alternatives/Comparative Religion…yes we designed our own majors!

Kripalu School of Yoga Certified Yoga instructor

San Francisco School of Massage Certified Massage Therapist

Reiki Practitioner

Intentional Peer Support Specialist

Certified Peer Specialist in Massachusetts and Oregon

in addition to

5.5 years of experience with my own consulting business

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