Getting Off Geodon, Depakote, Ambien

by Corinna West I’m not anti-medication, but I am anti-bullshit. I know that medications truly help some people, and some people do well on them.  Those people should feel free to continue using them. However, I think all people should be given honest information about psychiatric meds before being put on them. We should be told how Read More

Review of Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs by Katharine Sheilds

Please purchase the following book as it is a much needed companion for those discontinuing prescribed psychoactive substances. Please forward this email to others who might be interested, be they users, allies, or conduits.   It is written by Chaya Grossberg, whose current business is as a consulting non-medical advisor to those considering discontinuation ad well Read More

Tom Clute’s Testimonials

by Tom Clute As a service-connected Veteran with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I felt helpless and lost at sea in the medical bureaucracy of the VA system. Although I received excellent clinical mental health services at the VA, there was never an invitation, conversation or information about my human options as a consumer to Read More