Sharing About Psych Med Withdrawal More Consistently

Realizing I’ve been lacking consistency in sharing what people withdrawing from psych meds are going through.
Most of my clients who are in psych med withdrawal (if not all of them) are not on Facebook or social media.
Who could blame them?
But ever since psych meds nearly killed me 18 years ago, and I was so unable to communicate during that time, I felt I had a mission to speak out for those who have been silenced and whose stories have been misunderstood and (mis)told for them.
So I’ll share something a client recently told me. She’s getting ready to come off of long term meds with the support of a psychiatric nurse, a naturopath, a medical marijuana expert, and me.
The psychiatric nurse doesn’t specialize in deprescribing. It’s nearly impossible to find psychiatric professionals who do.
The best most people can find are doctors who are willing to deprescribe slowly and honor their patient’s wishes. Even finding a psychiatrist who will listen and accept a patient’s reality of being harmed by the drugs is a challenge for most people.
So they often need at least one “alternative” practitioner, whether medical or otherwise.
This client got lucky to find a few who supported her fully (including me). The medical practitioner themself is often not fully supportive in an engaged way.
She said I am the one she can talk to about everything, who knows her full story and who can see all of the pieces, the big picture.
This is how hard it is, what a struggle it is to do something as “simple” as coming off of a doctor prescribed drug that is making someone sick and causing them to lose their creativity, health and energy.
This process needs so much more attention and support and my intention is to speak and write about it more consistently in the coming days.

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6 thoughts on “Sharing About Psych Med Withdrawal More Consistently

  1. dolphincut says:

    Fortunately, the customer was able to identify some people who are willing to stand by her 100% quordle. (including me). The doctor is frequently not totally involved or helpful.

  2. poppy miklas says:

    It brings me great joy to view your site today. You did a great job writing that. It gave me the impression that such concepts could still be found in the original text and that new interpretations may be made of it in the future. How could someone so great not be someone to learn from? You are worthy redactle.

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