Transforming Negative Beliefs

Transforming negative beliefs:

Have you ever written a list of the disempowering things you tell yourself and then replaced it with a list of positive things people have actually said about you?

Here’s mine if you need some inspiration:

Disempowering beliefs/things that were implanted into my brain by evil external forces over and over.

not enough
not valid
not worth money
don’t do enough
don’t help enough
a failure
not successful
in danger of failing
needs and feelings are unattractive
doing the wrong thing

Phew. Do you know how good it feels to admit all those things and get them out of your head?

Transforming negative beliefs. Here are the empowering beliefs I’ve internalized from some awesome lucky sources and mostly life experience:

faith in myself
intuition/higher self will guide me
will have what I need
ideas will be well received
I’m healing
my presence is healing
intuition is powerful
I can trust myself/the Universe

transforming negative beliefs

Transforming negative beliefs. Here are some things trusted people have actually told me about myself (please please do at least this part for yourself!):

You’re so good at connecting with people
You take such good care of yourself
Being around you is healing
You’re worth being paid well
You’re very knowledgeable about your work
You’re helpful
You’re effective at connecting
You’ve succeeded/are succeeding at your work/goals
You’re doing it
I have total faith in you
You have a clear purpose and direction
You’re doing the right thing
Your needs and feelings are clarifying, healing and helpful to know

Now it’s your turn. Transforming negative beliefs. Let me know your limiting beliefs and what people have said to contradict them here.

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