What’s All This Psychic Intuitive Empath Stuff About?

by Chaya Grossberg

The role of a psychic intuitive is to speak for the silenced. There are so many intuitives at this time because there are so many who are silenced AND at the same time so many opportunities to break the silence.

Psychic intuitive empaths or whatever we want to call those of us who sense the story you aren’t able to tell are important to look at right now. We are educators-being a teacher goes hand in hand with intuition. We don’t all look woo-woo. Some of us are disguised as teachers, writers, activists, journalists, artists, scientists, detectives, therapists, massage therapists, business coaches, doctors, family members and friends. Much of the time psychics tell people things they already know somewhere in themselves but either couldn’t access or couldn’t put a voice to before. Telling people these things they “already know” could be more valuable than telling them they will meet their beloved in a few years or move to Hawaii, or other things psychics tell people about the future.

An intuitive’s value is as much in putting a voice to something that would otherwise go unspoken as it is giving people clues to their destiny and illuminating what isn’t being seen-what is washed out in social programming.

When you choose an intuitive, or even choose your friends, it’s important to choose people who can see the bigger picture and use their gift for a larger purpose.

A writing teacher I had in college once said, “Writers need to know everything, even things that aren’t their subject matter. They need to know astronomy…” There’s a place where we do know everything and living life as a conduit is about bridging that place with our everyday world and the lives of those around us.

As Silence is broken more and more, and those who’ve been oppressed have the resources, safety and support to share their stories and reality, which has been largely unheard, the need for intuitives may decrease.

Every time you write or share your own secrets, you make life easier for the empaths around you. It isn’t always easy being psychic and picking up on everything. There are pros and cons. There’s a part of being psychic that comes from not feeling safe and not having felt safe for a very long time. Most of us would much prefer a safe world where all beings are honored and all secrets are told. So keep finding your edge. Tell us, the world, what we need to hear from you. Let us off the hook from having to pick up your secrets. Us intuitives are holding those weights for you. We want to be free.

And until then, we’re doing our job, living our right now purpose of speaking for voices that have been silenced. It’s an incredibly valuable gift that often comes to those who’ve been traumatized. If you have this gift, use it (that’s one way to put down its weight). Offer it to those around you.

An intuitive once told me a very simple message after a reiki session. She said, “Tell people what you think. Say what’s on your mind.” I often pick up on things and don’t tell people because they haven’t asked for my opinion or aren’t open to it. Sometimes this is valid; other times I am quieting my truth out of fear of ridicule.

I’ve thought my ideas were being ridiculed or downplayed many times by my family and others. Some people are attached to their position in society-they gain quite a bit of status and “security” from the status quo. I personally gain very little from peoples voices continuing to be silenced since I build my life around expressing my truth and sharing it publicly. For me, the more people who do that, the better, and if every single person shared their life in their own language I would be a thrilled camper.

For many, it is so far from their current reality, it may be terrifying. For me, the current story lines and imbalance in voice and power I see is far more frightening. I am scared of it everyday.

If you feel inspired to share your story or inner knowings and intuitions, please post in the comments below. Post a link to your blog. If you don’t have a blog yet, make one right now, write one post, and share the link in the comments below. We are the people. The tides are shifting towards us.



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