How to Improve Memory (at any age)

How to Improve Memory (at any age)

I have a near photographic memory. Here are the things that work:

1. Daily writing longhand, 7 longhand pages per day, every single day.

how to improve memory

2. Daily meditation-simply sitting quietly for at least 20 minutes per day.

How to Improve Memory

3. Fish oil/cod liver oil.

4. Eating ample healthy fats like butter, coconut oil, olive oil.

How to Improve Memory

5. Daily walking- at least 20 minutes per day, if possible. Physical activities that stimulate both sides.

6. Eating nutrient dense unprocessed foods as much as possible.

7. B Vitamins.

How to improve memory: In terms of recall at a later age, the sooner young people can start daily writing, the better. For people who dislike writing, daily drawing, photography or other creative activity can substitute. The sooner one starts, the more long term memories will be encoded. Spending at least an hour a day doing a creative activity will improve memory. Passive activities such as scrolling online, watching TV etc. can atrophy the mind and memory if they aren’t well balanced with mentally active ones.

How to improve memory for seniors, mental games can help, such as computer games that require memory, especially to improve short term memory. But it is never too late for a senior to start writing, or taking photos, drawing, etc. Writing has the biggest impact on long term memory (or drawing images from the past for those who are more visual in their memory). The more one writes, the more they remember, and this can be activated at any age!

For seniors, also limiting unnecessary pharmaceuticals helps with memory. Too many drugs interfere with memory and can contribute to dementia. Anti-depressants and other psychoactive pharmaceuticals are known for causing memory problems. If a senior prioritizes memory, such as if they are writing memoirs, it would be best to limit any unnecessary drugs.

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