How To Manage Sensitivity In Current Times: 11 Tips

Eleven tips:

  1. Spend time alone and in low technology places, doing something focused, away from the screen, such as meditation, walking, writing in a notebook, drawing on paper, playing an unplugged instrument, singing, crafting, cooking, etc.                                                                   chayawritingorangecrema
  2. Spend time with people screen-free as much as possible. When with friends or socializing, resist the temptation to use your phone, text, look things up etc. You may need to socialize more and meet new people. Find people who will give you their attention, who don’t need to be constantly on their screens.
  3. More time in nature. Eat wild edible plants, sit in the sun, walk outside and do outdoor activity in non urban areas as much as possible.                                                            thimbleberries
  4. Spend time with children, especially if you don’t have any.
  5. Watch wild animals. Sit and observe a bird for a few minutes or longer. Refrain from taking photos sometimes and simply observe (except in this case ;)).                                                                     duckcapitollake
  6. Cook and prepare your own food whenever possible.
  7. Allow yourself to take respite from cities, crowds, the public, technology, even parties, frequently. You may have less tolerance for these things. Recognize this is natural as the amount of EMFs, wifi and radiation have increased exponentially.
  8. Turn your phone and other electronics of or onto airplane mode as frequently as possible.
  9. Cultivate and value your sensitivity rather than trying to numb it out with addictions. Find outlets and ways to share your genuine self and creativity with the world. Keep searching if you haven’t found them yet. A lot of people are needing to recreate their lives and surroundings to keep up with their actual needs in these times. Some things are easier to come by, like online “friends” and lots of emails, but some are harder, like quality time with friends in person, deep nature away from EMFs and mineral rich food. Make it a priority to meet your actual needs and the rest will flow from there.
  10. Take really good care of your health. It’s harder than ever to be passively healthy, but easier than ever to get personal health information, access all kinds of health foods and empower yourself to make good choices. You won’t stay healthy unless you take an active role in making good health decisions.
  11. Release addictive substances when possible. As a sensitive person, you have a great capacity for deep peace, without any substances, so seek to avoid, when possible, things that you tend to overdo such as sugar, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other toxins. It’s absolutely okay to use these in small amounts as needed, if they uplift you or resolve some kind of emergency, but be wary of cycles of addiction as your sensitivity thrives on homeostasis, stability and health.

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