If You’ve Broken Free From Psychiatry, Leave a Trail Mark

If you’ve broken free from psychiatry or any other type of oppression or form of injustice, leaving a trail marker for others to be guided by is crucial. There are many ways to leave trail marks. You can tell your story to people you meet, write it down, audio record it and share it online, Read More

The One Spice I Use Everyday

Okay almost everyday. For whatever reason, my body usually doesn’t want turmeric and some other things like supplements and fermented foods on the first day of my period. Listen to yo’ body! It knows! So much. Turmeric has a slightly bitter flavor and I love scooping 1 or 2 generous teaspoons of it on eggs Read More

Before You Take Psychiatric Drugs

Before you take psychiatric drugs a few questions to ask yourself: 1. Are you eating a reasonable diet? ┬áThis doesn’t mean you have to eat kale for breakfast lunch and dinner, but before taking a drug for your state of mind, look at your nutritional habits. I know, a months supply of Paxil is cheaper Read More