Mood Disorder Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit

03/12/2014     by Chaya GrossbergI was at a meditation gathering of a specific Indian tradition last night where I happened to be the only female present. Disclaimer: the purpose of this is not to “genderalize” or specifically focus on gender differences, but rather to use socialization differences (which are not solid or permanent) as an example. I Read More

Rock and Redeemer

02/17/2014 by Chaya GrossbergPeople have recently asked me if they could share my blogs on their social media pages. These are blogs I have on my website with social media sharing buttons underneath them and that I post on facebook, twitter, google plus and others on the public setting and post publicly in facebook groups Read More

Better Than Psychiatrists

In Spring of 2000, thirteen years ago, I learned notebooks are better than psychiatrists— and I never forgot. Notebooks are better than psychiatrists because our world isn’t always a safe place to reach out for comfort. I remember reaching out for comfort at Hampshire College Health Services, from the counselor, and she responded with fear, Read More