Will Revealing and Accepting Replace Psychiatric Drugging?



by Chaya Grossberg
Some people associate wanting to be famous with their ego, but for me hiding is the preference of my ego. Being seen and exposed and vulnerable to the masses are purifying and healthy for me. And coincidentally they are my highest form of service to others. Being known. Because everyone who knows me in the utterly authentic way I put myself out there is likely to feel less alone.

Being known is a gift I give freely and publicly, which many do not, but it is my preference to live this way. It is my form of practicing the gift economy, to be exposed and honest, to tell others freely how my life works, so they can pick and choose which of my methods and ways resonate with them.

This revealing, I believe, is one of the biggest gifts we can offer others. I’d almost always rather hear the authentic experience of another than receive their advice. Why is this? Reading or hearing an experience makes me feel connected, and that’s what brings fulfillment in life. Advice can help, but often when we’re feeling connected we don’t need any advice at all. We realize in these moments we aren’t perfect and don’t need to be. This fosters self-acceptance and acceptance of others, which just may be the starting point of the new world we are creating, as well as the antithesis of most problems in the world.

If all people accepted themselves and others, just as we are, there would be no need for psychiatric drugs or other forms  of warfare. Rather, we’d be busy revealing and expressing ourselves in satisfying ways.

How is revealing healing for you?  What would the world look like if we all revealed ourselves?

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