Do you think I should go on anti-depressants?


by Chaya Grossberg
This is a question I get a lot, so I thought I’d share my most recent response.  There are many other answers and I invite you to share your in the comments below.

Q: Do you think I should go on anti-depressants?  I’m going through a really hard time.
My Answer:  It depends on your goals.  Is your goal to be authentic or to fit in with a certain part of society?  (I do have a bias towards authenticity, as you might have guessed).  The thing is, you never know how the drug will affect you-it could make you feel better for awhile, then worse.  It could make you tired, manic, suicidal or cause health problems or insomnia-you really don’t know.  There’s no guarantee of anything if you go on anti-depressants; it’s not like going on will guarantee you a happier or better life, despite what the ads want you to believe.


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