14 Must Join Facebook Groups For Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs



by Chaya Grossberg

There are an abundance of Facebook groups that speak to those who are coming off psychiatric drugs or already have and are supporting each other.  These groups are also for those who never took psychiatric drugs in the first place and need support and allies for that.  They are places for posting/reading the latest news articles and blogs (including your own).  Facebook groups are for networking with people and finding friends around the world who can be supporters and allies.  Groups can help you keep up to date on upcoming opportunities and events that you might be able to participate in such as conferences, protests, speak outs, support groups, publishing opportunities and more.  You also may get ideas for starting your own group (on Facebook or in person) or event.  I started a group called Women Envisioning Change for women in the psychiatric survivor movement (and others) to share with one another about issues that affect us.  By joining groups, you are voting for the message they represent as well.  Please include any groups you love that are related to coming off psychiatric drugs that I missed in the comments section, so others may find them.  Each of these groups is linked directly to the page.

Mad Pride
Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32
Psychiatric Drugs destroy Life
Stop the psychiatric drugging of the elderly
Free Thinking About Psychiatric Drugs
Repealing Mental Health Laws
Mad Pride India
Speak Out Against Psychiatry
OccuPsy: Critical Psychology for Decolonization
Recovering our Stories
Un-Diagnosing Emotional Distress

Note:  When you join groups, you may get a lot of notifications if you don’t adjust the settings.  You can choose to be notified of all posts, only your friends posts or not at all.  Click on “Notifications” in the upper right section of the group to make your choice.

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