How To Be Paid Well For Following Your Bliss


by Chaya Grossberg

If you are starting your own business, or have one, don’t demand the Universe pay you in money. The Universe WILL pay you when you follow your life mission, no question, but that payment can look like a wide variety of things: free stuff, free housing, luxurious travel gifted to you, money for your services, money from other channels and sources. Stay open to how the world wants to pay you, and you will always live in abundance. 

Let go of any sense that you should be a slave or that you “have to work for your money” or your “living.” Work should be enjoyable, meaningful, healing (for you as well as others) and empowering. If you believe work needs to be hard, painful and drudgery, just watch the world intervene and teach you how to let go and play. 

Choose freedom. bliss and enjoyment without guilt. You should never feel guilty for being happy, lucky or prosperous, nor should you limit where that joy or prosperity can come from. If you demand only to be paid in money, you will severely limit your prosperity, and it will be coming from your ego.

Yes we are living in a world where, for many of us, money is necessary for living, but we are also living in a world of tremendous abundance to be gleaned and had outside the money realm entirely. Be humble. By receiving some of your income from sources other than money, you are almost surely saving a piece of the earth. You are almost definitely minimizing pain in others and preventing theWASTING of time, labor and resources, which money has mastered. 

The amazing thing about taking some of your business outside of the money realm is that you end up feeling more connected. You give your gifts that connect you and receive others’ gifts that connect them. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Follow your Bliss. Spend most of your waking and working hours doing things you would do for free (or are doing for free). Don’t spend more than 10% of your day doing something for money that you hate to do or would never do otherwise.
  2. Stay awake to “payment” in all its forms. Receive well. Accept the abundance of free stuff that is available. Connect with the ever increasing networks of clothing and stuff swaps, food rescuing, DIY learning, sharing, potlucks, crowd funding, free-cycling, donations and gifts of all kinds. The other day I found $40 on the street! If resources are what you need, open up to creative ways of receiving them in abundance.
  3. Continue to create no matter what. Commit to the creative practices you love. Don’t let any notion of lack stop you. Creativity has a certain “Don’t mess with me” undercurrent (even while expressing vulnerability) that you will tap into and strengthen every time you take action.

Please let us know in the comments below how you are being paid, with or without money, (but especially without) for following your bliss.



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