How Heartscience Was Born and How You Can Free Yourself



by Chaya Grossberg
A few years ago my mission was to share my writing, speak publicly about coming off psych drugs, and heal others through yoga teaching.

I worked for others because it felt easier and I had no idea how to start my own blissness. I regularly felt insecure and scared of how my boss or the older man who paid me would see me. (I can still fall into this pattern of insecurity about how others see me but most of the people who pay me aren’t older men anymore and now the people who pay me come to me BECAUSE they know who I authentically am!)

I really wanted to be famous, share my writing more widely with the world and have the capability and confidence to start my own bliss-ness. Mostly I wanted to be widely known and respected so I’d have the opportunities to travel, speak and share my stories and teachings that I knew would inspire and guide others. Sometimes I wanted to land a high profile position, but really I wanted much more freedom than that. I wanted to be writing a lot about whatever came through me, (without worrying about funding sources or being politically correct or limiting my muse) and spending most of my time doing self directed activities rather than what someone else thought I should be doing. I just had no idea how. And I didn’t have the inspiration quite yet. I was still riding on the inspiration of other people, mostly older men, who were well established, confident, and had lots of fans, supporters and money, or were good at fund raising. I didn’t want to think about how to raise money either.

I wasn’t ready to start my own bliss-ness or put my writing out there on my own in a big way. I didn’t know how. I didn’t even know there were ways to quickly and easily have my blogs read by 600 people in one day.

I was also scared of success. And I wanted my family and friends to approve of me. I was told writing isn’t a real job and will never pay the bills, and even though that hadn’t been my life experience, part of me still doubted I could ever fully support myself as a writer and teacher with my own business. I was also in the process of building my credentials, learning valuable skills and getting my work out there. So nothing was a mistake and I wouldn’t take those years or experiences back.

I was sick of feeling inferior to older men and others and feeling like I always had to check in with them before executing any decisions though. I was sick of working for people whose values I only half agreed with. I was sick of having to nod when my “superiors” said that we know “medications” help some people. I was sick of wondering what their real motivations were and not trusting them. I was sick of feeling one down and always being in the shadow of male privilege. Mostly I was sick of doubting myself and feeling incapable and like I had to cater to their egos in order to be affirmed. I hated being a sidekick. I wanted to be my own show, so I could say absolutely 100% what I really believed and never have to worry that my “boss” would reprimand me. I HATED being reprimanded by men, and still do. It just felt wrong.

Let me help you free yourself. You can have the freedom I have to direct your own activities and have a thriving bliss-ness, a website and blog that get hundreds or thousands of hits per day, a following of devoted readers who are waiting for your next piece to come out and an inbox that magically attracts new clients regularly. I know how to get you where I am; it’s formulaic. I didn’t know all of this when I started my own bliss-ness, but there are basic steps you can take to start your own bliss-ness that are easy and fun.

Join me for a strategy session.

You work for others because it feels easier and you have no idea how to start your own business.

You dream of sharing yourself publicly without limitations.

You want to be doing self directed activities rather than what someone else thinks you should be doing.

But you’re scared you could never support yourself that way.
You’re sick of playing down your brilliance and feeling inferior to others.

Let me help you free yourself and start your own bliss-ness where you do what YOU want, all the time.

Join me for an initial coaching session to discuss your goals and how I can help you get there.

Please share your own experiences and where you’re at in the process of freeing yourself in the comments below.  And share a link to your website/blog if you already have one. And share your dreams.  There’s so much power in naming them.

These videos are before and after I birthed my own bliss-ness.  Can you see the difference?

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