Get $2 Intuitive Readings This Month

If you’ve always wanted to try a reading or support from me by text but either didn’t have the cash or didn’t want to deal with the commitment of scheduling an appointment, I have some good news.

The new app Insantgo is allowing me to give readings for only $2 per text in this introductory phase!

So you can ask a question by text for only $2 at any time. NO commitment of any sort is required.

I’m partnering with them to offer intuitive tarot or astrology, readings or text based support sessions to everyone reading my blog who reaches out to me on there in the month of April for $2 each!

This will also give you a chance to sample my intuitive reading and support style, with virtually no time or money commitment since it’s by text. You don’t even have to be at your phone or computer when I answer your question!

Check it out!

Another bonus is that Instantgo has a great way to talk by phone with a per minute rate.

We would need to schedule an appointment to do the voice call OR, if we are both chatting at the same time, you can request a SPONTANEOUS phone session or reading, right then and there.

I can’t promise I will always be available, of course, but I will do my best.

See you on Instantgo and thank you so much for trying this out with me.

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