Achieving “Stability” Amidst Transience

Stay in touch with friends.  Reach out to friends/contacts/acquaintances wherever you currently are.  Revisit old interests and affiliations in new places.

Keep a journal.

Drink tea.

Send emails.  Chat online.

Throw/give things away when you no longer need them.

Keep a blog and share it on social media.

Find mentors.

Pursue income streams that appeal to you.

Cloud watch. Admire the moon. Walk near large bodies of water. Stretch.


Take baths.

Learn how to eat well on the go.  Protein and vegetables makes a cheap and good meal at hot bars.

Talk to yourself/pray out loud.

Listen to your favorite old songs.  Cry sometimes.

Collect scarves.

You’ll lose all your hats.

Learn to love meeting new people.  Learn to let go of friends who have gotten too busy (until they’re free again).  Keep calling people. Don’t let loneliness get the best of you.  Find other transient people to catastrophize with. Get massages at malls (or wherever you can).

Remember life is an adventure.  It’s supposed to be this way.  Don’t let anyone tell you you “should be more stable or settled down by now.”

Lie down a lot.

Learn to cook in all different scenarios with all kinds of equipment and appliances.

Consider yourself versatile and resilient.

Learn from those around you.

Create art of some kind every single day.

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