13 Reasons NOT to Write a Business Plan in 2014


(and why to write a Blissness Plan instead)
by Chaya Grossberg

  1. A business plan focuses on how much money you want rather than WHAT you want-it’s rooted in abstraction. You may get all the money you want, but if you don’t write a Blissness Plan (list of things that bring you joy and bliss) you won’t manifest the actual things that make you happy.
  2. Business plans tend to look at things in terms of superficial cause and effect, which is a dishonest way of viewing reality (see David Hume’s critique). For example, if you see 4 clients per day, 5 days per week at $100 per hour you will earn $2000 per week. In order to get to what you actually desire though, a Blissness Plan is needed. The actual desire is to be of service to others and have your own needs met in abundance. This can easily happen with out a dishonest cause and effect paradigm which falsely implies those you serve will be the ones to meet your needs or that you will be paid only in money (abstraction) for your service. It also implies you will only be valued or appreciated in the abstract-never directly and freely. Only with strings attached.
  3. There are many avenues for the Universe to meet your needs without money that end up saving you time and creating community. Writing a business plan (if it only focuses on money in exchange for goods and services) furthers individualism, selfishness and lack of trust in community. It farms out your time for money and furthers isolation and competition.
  4. Focusing on money as the sole source of income distracts from your actual goals and objectifies people. Each client is then seen as a step towards your goal rather than someone to serve in a sacred way (an open minded way that gives of your heart joyfully with no thought of return). When you give of yourself without attachment to result or “What’s in it for me?” the Universe will always give you more than you dreamed of.
  5. Writing a business plan is a conformist activity. You are following rather than leading, allowing money to be your god and the motivator of your life. This allows mainstream society to brainwash you and tell you what you need to be happy. Write a list of things that will make you happy instead-and go get ’em. Being happy is a much more powerful and rebellious way of life than going for money.
  6. By not focusing on how you can farm out your time or products for money, you open yourself to more free money (and chances to give to those who may not have a lot of money, out of pure impulse to serve). You want resources AND time to enjoy them, right? Money and resources are abundant and don’t always need to me “earned” or worked for. This is a mentality that keeps people poor, working tirelessly for money, doing unnecessary and even harmful things. If you do write a business plan, write a blissness plan too and compare them. Which one brings more good? Which one feels more honest and true?
  7. Business plans focus on the activities that bring the most money, rather than those which bring the most bliss. Occasionally they overlap, but if you truly follow your bliss, you aren’t following dollar signs all the time. They are following you. That’s the difference between business and blissness. And other resources are following you too. So follow your bliss. The world needs more happy people who are self motivated (i.e. motivated by their calling rather than by outer imposed fear and scarcity.)
  8. You’ll never know until you try-to live without a business plan. It’s a leap of faith, but you’ll never realize how much free time and abundance you can have until you let go of the mentality that requires you to be a slave to money.
  9. You won’t be able to see all the ways you can get your needs met in abundance if you keep the narrow focus.
  10. You need to dream bigger than our current money system will allow. There’s a scarcity of money for some, but an incredible abundance of free things and potentially free things (yes including housing).
  11. Using your time to re-purpose, reuse, recycle, repair is better for the environment than “not having time for that” and needing to buy new stuff all the time.
  12. Business plans stifle your creativity and try to put your dreams into a neat little box with columns. Your dreams are wider and freer than that. Let them be untamed.
  13. The economy might collapse and you’ll be better off having skills like meditation and direct manifestation as well as other survival skill and community building experience that are unlikely to fit into a business plan. Following your bliss and writing a blissness plan will put you into alignment with the “New Economy,” the sacred economy as a co-creator rather than a victim. So co-create the world. Envision things your way. And forget about a standard business plan in 2014. Report back and let us all know what miracles you find.
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