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by Tom Clute

As a service-connected Veteran with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I felt helpless and lost at sea in the medical bureaucracy of the VA system. Although I received excellent clinical mental health services at the VA, there was never an invitation, conversation or information about my human options as a consumer to learn to become highly literate, highly educated, fiercely empowered to choose what was best for my whole person within a context of having free will to make informed decisions. My Voice was not invited. I never knew I had a choice. Not until I met Chaya Grossberg.

I hired Chaya’s expertise for a full year in 2014. It was the best investment I could have made.

Chaya’s passion for helping other free themselves from the insidious slavery of chemical therapy is so deep it is riveting to me.

The task is an arduous one, and a guide is imperative, from my experience. Chaya Grossberg is such a guide.

I am choosing to return to work with her to continue my healing journey and dream to become fully free from traditional Western psychiatry and transition to 100% plant based healing treatments and additional healing modalities outside the mainstream practices.

I would be most delighted to encourage others including active duty, veterans and families or communities with questions to contact Chaya and I’d be happy to share my story.

My best to you,

Tom Clute
USAF 1989-1993
Served Operation Desert Storm

[Letter to his friend]

Going off meds is always an individual choice. It is highly controversial. I have a coach who teaches, and supports those wanting to be free from pharmaceuticals, psychotropics, etc. Her name is Chaya Grossberg. She writes extraordinary posts on her blog.  Her practice is called Heartscience, it will pop up when you google Heartscience and her name. Chaya is an extraordinary intuitive, healer, and deeply empathic.  She has a powerful story too.  I hired Chaya for a full year of coaching for myself, just a couple weeks ago.

I do hope to eventually transition to fully holistic options, and I don’t yet know how that will unfold, and I don’t need to know now.

For me, Chaya’s profound empathy, luminous intuition, street smarts and much, much more, nourish my spirit, so I can heal at much deeper levels over time.

I’m grateful.

I spent the majority of my adult life hoping against hope that one day, my life would move out of sorrow and suffering, into a life that truly matters and my heart can finally sing the song I was meant to sing.
I wish the same healing for you.

I profoundly encourage anyone in suffering to never try to heal on our own. We must create networks of caring and support (professional, peer, community, family, friends , etc) to be there for  each other to weather the storms of our lives , as well as to share and celebrate successes and good times.

Even one professional helper can be a bridge builder and beacon of hope.

For many, myself included at times, it’s one breath at a time.


[More from Tom right after a coaching sesssion]:

Thank you, Chaya, so very, very much. I received tremendous, exquisite and profoundly honoring and validating, soul nurturing support, in addition to practical and excellent self care suggestions for next steps to consider, that you offered, sharing your own positive experiences of them supporting your own well-being.

I am truly refreshed and invigorated, as well as challenged in a nurturing way, to keep stretching and growing towards my dreams and soul purpose. I was beyond delighted with the support I experienced with you tonight. I look forward to more.

Feel free to share this appreciation acknowledgement however of value to you and/or others, Chaya.

I truly appreciate the chance to learn from you, Chaya. I deeply resonate with your high intuition, profound empathy, compassion and confidence in those you serve, including me, offering your invaluable personal and professional hard-won breakthrough experiences you committed to pursuing for your own well-being and personal/professional fulfillment, and offering your powerful leadership to guide people like myself further and deeper into the experiences of freedom, fulfillment and truly meaningful, richly rewarding lives of joy.

When I’m working with Chaya, I experience the intensity of her commitment of my being “seen, and heard” on deep emotional and soulful levels, providing a safe and nourishing space for me to allow myself to take some deep, invigorating, soulful breaths of Soular Winds surfacing from my depths, which I scarcely dreamed existed in me, let alone having any clue how to access on my own.

As I open up with her fiercely gentle encouragement, I feel enlivened to take new risks, and a novel willingness to leap fearlessly into my greatness, which she powerfully names my gifts with me in word pictures I can visualize and follow her lead, and indeed, see for myself, that which I did not yet see or know how to recognize, let alone articulate, for myself.

Chaya’s spotlight of attention and radiantly supportive intention is palpably felt, as I take tiny leaps of faith into deeper parts of me, which she encouragingly  assists until I can acclimate to this grander experience of myself, artfully guiding my building layers of strength from within myself, one courageous stone at a time, within the brilliant soulful artisanry Chaya’s skillful heart science  brings to the fore of my emerging, expanding, larger identity I practice stepping into, as I learn to ever more jubilantly dance to the rhythm of my unique song I am being called to sing, in the orchestra of Life.

I feel and experience her as a beloved, amazing and powerful Healing Agent, facilitating and serving as a Midwife  into realms of Deep Space Within, Our Truest identity in God(dess).

— Tom Clute MSW, Peer Support and Life Transition Specialist Vancouver, WA.  Read his writings here.

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