Today’s Salad and Nutrition Tip

Nutrition is one of the most important things that has allowed me to live free of psychiatric drugs and understand my body, my moods, and my energy levels.

Tip: if you tend to feel anxious and ungrounded, eat extra fat such as organic olive oil, organic coconut oil or pastured butter. When I started eating extra healthy fats, I felt so much more in control of my state of mind and even sleep. When I have insomnia I often consume a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil to put myself back to sleep. It almost always works. A high quality food-based multivitamin and magnesium oil (this is one of the most affordable ones and the one I use) can help too, if your body resonates with those.

The main key for me has been to do a lot of research while consistently tuning in to what my body wants or doesn’t want. There are days when I can take all of my supplements and days where I can’t take any.

This is a salad I ate yesterday. Organic baby romaine, organic carrot chopped, organic olive oil, black sesame seeds (good for kidneys), balsamic vinegar and Lilly’s organic garlic hummus.

I’ve been moving around and traveling a lot lately, and haven’t had a lot of time to cook, except for my daily breakfast, so organic salad every day has been my best way to get lots of nutrients in the summer.


Affiliate disclosure: This is the magnesium oil I use and I will get a small percentage if you purchase it via the link above.


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