Showcase of Supporters of Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs

To thank you for supporting me in my release of Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs, this blog showcases your pictures. In this post, I showcase your work and/or projects with links to it.

You are also showcased if you wrote reviews of the book, with links to your work.

Your support of me in this endeavor means more to me than you know and I’d like to support you in return. If you’ve meant to take a photo or write a review and would like to be showcased (or not, it’s totally optional) please do so, so I can get you in this post.

If you have supported my writing and publishing of this book in other ways and would like to be acknowledged in this post with a link to your work, please let me know.








Robert Rootenberg. Instagram @robertrootenberg

after 30 + years on psych drugs Robert is 2 years med-free and can help you get there too!
robert Rootenberg

March 22, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

The editorial advisory board for the book included: Jon Keyes, Matthew Morrissey, Celia Brown, George Badillo, Nancy Rubenstein Delgiudice Gottstein, Delphine Brody, and Lyle Murphy.



Campaign Backers:

About 5 years before I published Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs, many people supported the endeavor with donations of money or perks. The folks on this list have incredible resources, services, writings and creations worth checking out.

Those folks included:

Benjamin Ross: therapist, poet, writer at luminous earth

Susan Greenberg Ryza: Jewelry artist


Offering private classes, group classes, jewelry-making parties & events for children or adults. Susan teaches a wide range of jewelry techniques, including Beadstringing & attaching clasps, Wire-Wrapping, Bead Weaving, Advanced Wirework, Macrame, Knitting & Crocheting with wire, Chain Maille, Wire Weaving, Metal Stamping and much more!

Jeremy Flowers

Sara Bostock SSRI stories and Sara’s story in the Atlantic

Julie Huntington: manages The Hearing Voices Network Atlantic Canada

the late Kenneth E. Rich

Maria Ostheimer: Coordinator of Emotional CPR
Cultural and Linguistic Competency Coordinator National Empowerment Center

Marni Borek: Integrated Marketing & Brand Consultant 

Paula Peng: founder at LA Mushroom Co-op

Nadya Gomez

Epiphanie Bloom: Poet, Writer, Singer, Photographer

Sanford Lewis: Attorney Strategic counsel on corporate accountabilitysupport for sustainability, investment, fiduciary, and corporate social responsibility initiatives for large and small cap investors.

Robby Roiter: musician, music teacher, arts administrator

Megan Hamilton: vocational Consultant at Sustaining Circles Employment, LLC

Patricia Godsey: Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation Coordinator MARION & POLK EARLY LEARNING HUB INC

Mitzy Sky:

Corrine “Mitzy Sky” Taylor: Advocacy Education and Outreach at Advocacy Unlimited, Inc. (AU); Writer, and Poet at

Natan Cohen: Western Mass Recovery Learning Community  Assistant Director

Billiam James: Artist, musical storyteller and activist

Lyle Murphy: Founder of the Alternative to Meds Center. 

Alexander Elliston

Suhrawardi Gebel: Inayati Order spiritual and retreat guide, mentor, center leader, writer of the book, Root Speaks to Bud (Suluk Press 2015).

Malene Comes: customer service

Miranda Spencer: Parent Resources Editor at Mad In America

Ken Paul Rosenthal: Filmmaker • Educator

Camela Hicks.

And big thank you to those who donated perks:

Jim Gottstein: President/CEO at PsychRights

Sera Davidow Courtney: blogger at Mad In America, director at Western Mass Recovery Learning Community 

Jennifer McEuen: artist

Jon Keyes: therapist and herbalist in private practice 

Daniel Mackler: musician, filmmaker, and writer 

David Shakun: Founder at WisdomNet

Florence Schneider: Counselor and Communication Coach at Your Heart Matters: Counseling & Communication Coaching

Al PhaLo: co-editor of the “Open Collaboration Encyclopedia”, and social architect of a number of gift economic systems, collaborative facilitation methods, social justice methodologies, and participatory conference formats, which have been seeded into our culture

Isaac Hart

Robert Whitaker: Robert Whitaker is a journalist and author of two books about the history of psychiatry, Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic, and the co-author, with Lisa Cosgrove, of Psychiatry Under the Influence. He is the founder of

Fiona Seth: writer and artist

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