Readings/Consults For Only A $5 Patreon Pledge

Quick note to let you know I am offering a new special for a limited time. If you sign up on my Patreon page for at least $5 per month(you can cap your pledge at whatever monthly amount you choose), I will offer you an intuitive/tarot/astrology reading and healing, health consultation, or a combination. This will be by phone.

Please be aware it may take a bit of time to schedule.

Why am I doing this? I want to connect with you, and lower the financial barrier when I can. I have a lot of intuitive skillz, I’ve been told.

This is to fight against the idea we’ve been conditioned with that healing, empathic and intuitive gifts are worthless.

Sometimes I ask myself deep questions, when I am having a health challenge, like, “What is this really about?”

Today I got this answer: the state of the world currently is really isolating for a lot of us. People have helped me, and I want to reach out and connect to more people who could benefit from what I’ve learned.

So I’m extending this hand to you to take down barriers as much as possible.

Please take me up on it.

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