Numero-astro Full Moon Thanksgiving Report

I discovered numerology 15 years ago, around the time of my “spiritual emergence”, and began to study astrology at the same time. I even took it too far into fantasy and grandiosity, like I did with many things at that time.

We swing back and forth and take things too far. In this video I share some of how and why I intend to share more of my knowledge of numerology with you.

Between the 8 day today, 11 month and full moon, there’s a LOT of mental energy so you may have been up one or two nights this week with a full mind of ideas and have lots of quickly moving thoughts and correspondences during the day.

See if you can slow the energy down by meditating, stretching your arms and fingers and writing or doing some kind of art/craft with your hands/arms (or even cooking-hey!).

Thursday is a 9 day and brings completion to a writing project, communication, or conversation while also leaving some things hanging and ready to begin anew in a new form.

Focus on writing from your intuition, communicating with friends, be open to financial windfalls.

Singing with emotion, art that expresses ideas, and friendship are all highlighted. Short trips to visit friends, siblings, neighbors in your local area will be good this Thanksgiving. You might even attend more than one gathering of friends.

Be conscious of your communication, find ways to release emotion without harming others, such as creative endeavors, writing, vocalizing etc.

Kyanite is a good gemstone for Thursday.

Hold hands with a friends, give lots of hugs, eat some fruit or a little healthy sweet like raw honey for your throat chakra. Do neck rolls.

Walk around the block to make a quick phone call or text if you need to. You might be getting a lot of correspondences all day.

The focus will be more on friends and siblings, less on parents/partners/offspring this Thanksgiving. Let the kids play amongst themselves. Let your parents chat with their friends, you whisper, giggle and gossip with yours.

Just keep the gossip good.

Happy full moon!

By Friday, a 1 day, we’ll be moving our bodies more actively, releasing physically the Thanksgiving meal and conversations and starting on new creative endeavors, at home.

There is also currently, and for the next 3 years almost, a trine between Saturn and Uranus in fire signs, a positive aspect and increasing fire activities such as time in the sun, games and recreation, laughter and creativity that includes the intellect will be beneficial.

The big theme of Thanksgiving and this full moon is WRITE IT DOWN! Write down all those great ideas rushing through your head, hey write a gratitude list.

Wear something purple on Thanksgiving!

This report brought to you by Chaya and the moon.

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