Interview on Alternative Mental Health Revolution

Here’s a snippet from a recent interview Judy Meyers HHP did with me:

Q: What advice would you give to others who want to taper off medications?

My advice for those wanting to taper off of psychiatric medications would be to go slowly, get support, take good care of your body, find others who have gone through a similar experience, do as much research as you can, and learn about herbs that are in a class called nervines.

Most importantly for those coming off psychiatric drugs is education of family members and friends so they will support your decision. I encourage you to continue asking for help, to continue reaching out, to use social media and the Internet, as well as in person resources such as finding a local naturopath and herbalist who can support you.

It’s also important to avoid and limit contact with those were overly invested in your diagnosis and your “treatment.” Having to deal with other people’s misinformation, projections and anxiety is one of the biggest obstacles people encounter in coming off psychiatric drugs.

One last thing that I would recommend for anyone coming off psychiatric drugs and choosing to see their situation in an alternative way is to find the strength and gift in whatever it was they got them labeled with a mental illness in the first place.

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