How Healthy Do You Intend To Be?

Some aliens/extra terrestrial beings spoke to me last night, for the first time. They said something about healing for all of us here on earth.

They told me we all need to COMMIT to our health this year and make as few excuses as possible.



How Healthy Do You Intend to Be?

Finances and access are an issue (for many of us) but there are also always more resources around us we can take advantage of.  Growing our own food, foraging wild foods and herbs, and doing our own research are just some of the ways we can better benefit from the resources around us.

We will absolutely never be “perfect” nor is that the goal.


Information out there can be conflicting and confusing, which is why a daily meditation/prayer/creative/reflective process is so crucial. Even if it is simply writing down your dreams or going for a walk by yourself.  Lying in bed quietly for 5 minutes following your breath in and out, and stretching, can also prove necessary to strengthen your powers of discernment.

Health practices are practices; we need to practice them. While a lot of trial and error is required at first,  we do improve our capacity to hear our body.





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2 thoughts on “How Healthy Do You Intend To Be?

  1. What does one do if by withdrawing from psychiatric medications, one develops a
    dissociative disorder and a neurochemical imbalance. One becomes detached from reality,
    These alterations include: a sense that self or the world is unreal (depersonalization and derealization).

    The medications were prescribed due to MVAs ( Motor Vehicle Accidents).
    Two MVAs; in 1991 & 2008. The earlier one resulted in TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury),
    where I stopped breathing in ambulance transport from one hospital to another, resuscitation with second chance to life, and a coma for at least three weeks.

    Now, it’s about one year since I withdrew from the medications.

    I continue to have dissociative episodes where I have no feelings for and become detached from loved ones i.e. family members, & people I have known for a long time.

    Is there anything you can do to help or suggest?

    Love & Light


    • Chaya Grossberg says:

      Hi Edan,
      Sorry for the delay in my reply. I am just seeing this. If it is still relevant, can you say how you know you have a neurochemical imbalance?

      I imagine your situation has changed a lot since you asked this. Would you update me on how you are doing so I can answer this question in a relevant way for you?

      I think I know what you mean about dissociative episodes after withdrawing from psych drugs.

      Sending love and hope you are feeling better!

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