Heartscience is reuniting the heart and science via art.  It’s where healing happens again and medicine is redefined.  Now it must include heart, art and science, and now it is healing again-exhale!
I’m a heart barista, serving up huge portions of my heart’s masteries and mysteries daily.  Being a mastrista is being a barista of your own hearts teachings-looking inside, asking yourself which magical part of your mystery to add to each encounter.  Magical medicine is the result.  This has nothing to do with Western Medicine necessarily.  It is a whole other field of medicine where we take back words, reclaim the mastery that has always been ours, and serve up sizzling nourishment in our heartscience laboratory. Mastrista brings the feminine back to mastery as the word master has evolved into having male connotations.
To reconnect with words, I invite you to go back as far as you can.  Here are a few definitions that have since been stripped of their power:

master: teacher
science: knowledge
psychic: of the soul
psychology: study of the soul
psychiatry: medicine for the soul
Mastrista lesson for the now:  in order to move beyond patriarchy and into mastery, go back to where words came from and reclaim them.

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