Going Off Psych Meds, Spiritual

I really would like to get off the psych meds I am on. What would you recommend doing to do that?

Answer: Hi there. I would recommend the following:
Join this forum and other internet forums where folks are talking about getting off psych meds.
Find local support (Come to a free screening of Coming Off Psych Drugs).
Eat really well and listen to your body.
Get regular exercise and fresh air.
Read as much as you can find about the process (check the resources page on this website).
Once you have support, plan to go slowly and taper one drug at a time.
Have a plan: What do you want those around you to do if you can’t sleep during withdrawal, etc.
Write a list of how people can support you and ask those around you if they are willing to do it, before you start to come off.
Have alternatives to the hospital if you don’t want to go (friends staying over with you, etc).
Have a professional who can support you (if you want one).
Keep a journal.
Find some form of daily meditation.


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